What’s Impeachable?

With a lopsided partisan impeach pit on the horizon in 2019. Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that she knew there were no weapons of mass destruction when she was on the Intelligence Committee in 2002. Yet she didn’t push for the impeachment of W. and his Neo-Cons.

So. Going to war under false pretenses when our troops were maimed or killed every week vs. Water-Gate. Monica-Gate. Ukraine-Gate. No contest. The latter three pale by any standard.

Peachy Summer

Mueller out. With a twist. Lobs a basket of unbitten fruit to Congress. Expect lots of juicy tidbits to follow. And. Bushels of impeachment talk to turn to non-stop hearings, inquiries, witnesses filling screens over the long hot days of summer. Candidates forced to eat it.

So. Savor the show. Or. Ignore it and enjoy a peach on the beach.