No Debate

Is there a smarmier person than Diane Sawyer with her drippingly drawled out questions? Stephie let Paul and Santorum go at each other for half the debate, leaving Romney to stand with his hands in his pockets and grin. What? Thanks for making this the most boring primary season ever. Santy and Grinch defending Catholicism, promoting a theocracy. Have they met those pederast priests? Huntsman just hates Romney. Maybe David Gregory can shake things up. Otherwise we’re Zzzomney’d ’til summer. Guess it’s better than crazy Perry wanting to send troops back into Iraq. But, at least he’s for something.


Gaffes + Laughs= Gaughs. LOL. Or not. It’s en vogue to lack curiosity, read no primary source periodicals, joke about ignorance of stan, stans. Need Cliff Notes to have an opinion about Libya. Politics for Dummies. Yup, that’s this year’s Repubican crop. With the exception of the two Mormons. William F. Buckley must be spinning in his grave. It’s cool to be a fool.

What audience will Charlie Rose and Gayle King appeal to in the morning? Here’s to Gillibrand and Brown Bill. SideBizness-Romney and BainStreet.

Super Drek

How many committees can be ignored before something gets done? Put the latest ‘super’ group of twelve on the list. Iowa trumps D.C. WonderWoman Sarah is crashing everybody’s party again with her dysfunctional family bus tour. Crazy-eyes Bachmann will not be pleased. There may be blood. Jeb Bush is backing Jon Huntsman. Keep an eye on that Deseret fox. He’ll challenge Romney to a robotic fist-a-cuffs in magic underwear. Who’ll be left standing? TPaw? Perry? Newt?

Meanwhile Societe Generale (“SockJen” in bankerese) is tanking in France, another big Euro bank. Sarkozy left Cote d’Azur in August. That’s serious.

Trek Pourri

‘Franco’ is back. September. Yup. James Franco on GH the soap. Katie Couric better not get in the way of my favorite menacing serial killer. Found a 2009 Richard Russo novel, That Old Cape Magic. It’s not Empire Falls nor Bridge of Sighs, but I liked it. Thought provoking. Marriage in the sandwich years. BoSox’ Ellsbury on fire, NYY A-Rod in the hot seat. BaggerWoods’ return to the links. Have to watch Quijote even without his Panza. Addictions are hard to break.

Jon Huntsman’s campaign story is soap opera fodder. But, New York Magazine’s article on the Romney v. Huntsman saga is epic. You heard it here first! Hope Congressional caped crusaders are having a great vacation leaving USA in the lurch. PrezO turns 50 today, already grey. Not easy.

CandyPants asks: What’s with the doily doo dads on Mika’s dresses? Not pretty.


Mormon wars? Huntsman v. Romney? Jon Huntsman, Sr. and I go back to 1986 in the banking bizness. Jon, Jr. dipped in and out of  Huntsman Chemical, and was on hand when his Dad gave me a salute at the family’s Park City ski lodge in 1994. Not surprised that Jon Jr. would run for Prez, but shocked that he’d do it this year against another Mormon. That doesn’t happen in LDS-land. Huntsmans and Romneys have deep ties to each other and the Church. Huntsman’s campaign advisors come from the McCain camp. There’s gotta be more to this story… 

Carol in Northampton, Ma., made her 24th appearance on the Cafferty File, 6/22. “Could a Mormon Ever be Elected President of the U.S.?”

Purple Haze

Purple over the whole map. Purple is not good. 18″+ in the next 2 days.
Will bunker down with Diderot and Voltaire. Napoleon meets Candide.
Il faut cultiver nos jardins. If we can find them under the drifts.

Huntsman leaving China, running for Prez? Huh? I know Jon’s Dad and have met Jr. several times in Salt Lake and Park City. They hosted a send-off dinner for me at their monster ski home. I was one of original financiers of Huntsman Chemical Corporation. Don’t ask, lots of bad stuff. But, Jon Jr.? He makes Romney look like a Mormon heathen. Jon’s grandfather was an “Apostle” in the LDS. He was introduced to us bankers as ‘the chosen one’. Oy vey. How will he play in Peoria?

Dr.Husband off to save the children. If any show up. At least babies won’t be wrapped in terrible towels. Schools closed again, they’ll be going in August.