Gen Next

Matt&Sarah lovingly tied the knot at StoneMill in New York’s Botanical Gardens. Mazel much. Lavish affair with delectable fare on a balmy October evening overlooking the creek. Sweet. 88ish GrandmaB was seen dancing to Twist and Shout as four generations joined the fun. Made it back to Hotel Giraffe in time to catch some of Miley’s SNL debut. Twerking aside, she’s good. After Flatiron brunch, AuntieN took GenY to Book of Mormon. Rave reviews from all.

Meanwhile 81-year old GrandmaC was giving a speech at the Rock&Roll Club. Rocking chairs and rolling devices. Shake it up Grannies! Kids take note.

May Ville

photo-29May in New York. Sunny and seventies? No. Friday was beautiful, though. Supper al fresco on Park Avenue South.

Then over to the Lunt Fontanne for Motown. Berry Gordy’s homage to himself. For good reason. He merged music and ethnic cultures. Changed society.  Jesse Nager & Co. entertained with lightning talent and costume changes. All the hits. Dancin’ in the aisles. A really fun show. photo-26

Maysville on 5th & 26th. Bourbon bar? Yes. The food is the real reason to go. After the Derby or the Preakness, this is a Saturday culinary winner. And Dr.Husband did love the whiskey. Atlantic Grill was a Sunday cluster-brunch. But, Betsey’s Tipsy Donuts were born. Powdered sugar. Familial giggles.