What’s going on with Hillary? Doing Howard Stern & Andy Cohen. So to speak. Hill’s everywhere talking about her new podcast and books. A documentary with Bill. Where he fesses up on the Monica harassment in a humble and sympathetic way for the first time.

Just wondering. Is she perched on her broomstick waiting to swoop in when Joe does his predicted stumble? And her little dog, too.

Side Lines

Some people need to take themselves out of the fray.

Hillary. You lost. Get over it. Tulsi Gabbard. Jill Stein. Russian assets. Really? Besides the Russians, Jim Comey, misogynistic men, complicit women, electoral college. Okay. How about looking in the mirror. And. Just. Go away!

U.S. Senators who are running against Trump should recuse themselves from the impeachment trial jury. Or get out of the Presidential race. Direct conflict of interest.

Tom Brady. Retire already. Let somebody else win once in a while.