Serpentine Shifts

The Golden GlobesHats off to the few women who represented true individualism by not conforming to walking the red carpet in black. What’s the point when you pose and strut and remain objectified as a pretty thing anyway? Nicole should have thanked her co-star. Male directors need not have been dissed. Misandry is not the answer to bad behavior by a few jerks. Happy about James Franco. Of course. And Seth Meyers was solid.

The Essex Serpent, a novel by Sarah Perry. An amorphous Ness. Meant to be a Victorian Gothic homage, it didn’t quite manage either. Science, medicine, modernity dispelled the gossamer blue fog along a rural estuary where the mythic serpent was reportedly glimpsed. The so-called monster never conjured a terror commensurate with the village’s reaction. Perry draws her characters well. They just didn’t seem to belong in the same story together. A good read, but don’t agree with all the literary accolades.

Lackluster Spheres

Golden Globes?! A milky way of films. LaLa indeed. Television planets shine brighter. Like. Amazing. If you are black, gay or a depressed stranger thing in westworld by-the-sea of crowny thrones. Lithgow jettisoned. Meryl Streepy. Creepy. Reality will trump galactic fiction anyway. Next year launch anything with Fallon & Timberlake together. Or. Carell and Wiig. Star Wars.

NFL orbit’s elliptical too. Centrifugal forces braked by injuries. Giants out. McAdon’t. Superbowl. Pats v. Cowboys? Collision course.

Wild Packs

So it’s come to this. An NFL playoff game win is upended by out of control gang. Cincinnati coach cannot contain his pack of wild bengals. What’s next? Scary to consider. Lowlight of a weekend of blowouts, missed chip kicks, The Pack’s experience trumping youthful exuberance. Joey3Sticks 4 for 4.

Over at the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais is the Donald Trump of Hollywood. Says anything and everything we are thinking. Got that right. And Jon Hamm. Glad about Maura Tierney. Helen the wife in The Affair. Haven’t seen the movies, winner starring a bear. Nor even the TV shows. No clue about most. Downton‘s become a bona fide soap. Lame troupes this year.