Media Multi-Tasking

Started Messiah series. So far intriguing. Also The Outsider. Jason Bateman. Different. Then. Sunday Marathon.

Mahomes never quits. Spunky finish to send Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl. Over in Santa Clara. Jimmy G didn’t have to work hard. Mostert and blockers dominated to easily take Niners to the NFC win.

Next. Ray Donovan finale. Characters stay true to themselves. Well-written and acted. Sláinte on a gritty season. Then. Capped off the evening fast-forwarding through the SAG Awards. Highlights. Schitts’ Eugene & Dan Levy. Peter Dinklage. Jennifer Anniston. Wow.

Oh. And. NYTimes endorsed Amy & Lizzie. Sorry Joe & Bernie.

Meanwhile. Scanning great photos from St. Vigilio Dolomiti Italia.

mAd Ski Ben.


Not only has Forty Niners QB Kaepernick been benched. Next week’s Republican debate on Fox Business has sidelined Christie and Huckabee. Relegated to the B team. There will only be eight starters in Prime Time. And. When you turn 91, you can tell the truth. Poppy Bush 41 has sent Cheney and Rummy packing. He even casts his own son President 43 under the bus. Makes Jeb!’s prospects for scoring a touchdown even dimmer than ever. He’ll be lucky to get a first down.

Autumn fallen to Christmas. Commercials have already begun. Bon weekend.