Green Day

I know. Musical allusions abound. Anyway. That was fast. Virginia out. Busted brackets making more racket than St. Patrick’s Day parade marching bands up Fifth Avenue. Tiger sure didn’t burn up the greens either yesterday. So. Guess it’s dyed beer at the pubs to drown sorrows and boredom. Or read a book. Autumn by Ali Smith next on the book club list. Even though it’s nearly Spring, it’s cold. Yeah. One of those days.

Still Standing

It’s that time of year again. President Obama’s Final Four pits North Carolina against No. 1 seed Virginia and No. 1 Villanova against No. 3 Michigan State. If the former president has his way, Michigan State topples Virginia in the championship game. Too safe. My picks are Gonzaga, Virginia, Michigan State, Purdue. Virginia wins.

Since my soaps are pre-empted for the tournament today and tomorrow, will watch Tiger at Bay Hill. He is currently even after 2.

And. Who will be left standing in the White House when the final teams meet? Ivanka. Melania. Kellyanne. Sarah. With Carrie Mathison as head of CIA. Et tu brute?

Late WinTer

Sun warmed longer days as clocks click ahead. Hotel Giraffe’s roof mid-afternoon. Delectable late winter root vegetables and pork offal at Washington Square’s Blue Hill. Braised hake the winner. Birthday treat to remember.

Tiger took charge of the last tourney on the original ‘blue monster’ at Miami’s historic Doral. Trump is blowing it up for redesign. Sightings… Johnny Depp on West 14th. Jim Parsons Park Avenue South. He and Alan Alda dined at Ciano.

My final four picks. Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Gonzaga. Huh? Or, is that il Papa.