Week in a Blink

FBI’s revelation of an investigation into Trump campaign’s possible coordination with Russia in the election. Since last July. Intelligence committee chair goes rogue with news of Dem’s counter surveillance. Supreme Court hearings. Keystone Pipeline gets the go-ahead. Paul Ryan can’t whip enough House votes to overturn ObamaCare. Poor Speaker. Wisconsin couldn’t even pull out a win in overtime.

Brackets finished. No picks left. A good book complete. The Woman on the Stairs, Bernhard Schlink. It all happened in a blink.


Sleet. Slush. Mush. Mess. Soon to become a frozen hazard zone. Yup. Blizzard predictions of epic proportions in NYC a fizz. Overreach. It’s a trend. To stay sane. Netflix’ Schitt’s Creek with Eugene Levy and his real life kids keeps one laughing out loud. A must-binge.

Final Four Picks. Staying with 6’s. It’s a theme. St. Mary’s. Wisconsin. Michigan. SMU.


“The sun came out for just a minute, for just a minute…”, Elizabeth Bishop’s poem The End of March. Pretty much sums up this year’s long month. Good riddance. Emily Dickinson said March brings “persons of prognostication”. I predict April will have more than a minute of sunshine. Hope springs.

Michael Lewis’s piece was only enlightening in that it showed how fiber optics sped up the already market-shaping electronic trades. The rest of it has been going on for decades. Just getting faster and faster to elude investigators.

UConn Huskies apologized to PrezO for busting his bracket. Sorry to Barack and Joe. Michigan State won’t be the one. Nor Michigan. Final Four all States. Florida. Kentucky. Connecticut. My Wisconsin to win still in.



No, not Morning Joe. It’s St. Joseph’s Day. Swallows back to Capistrano. Father’s Day. But, where is Joe? He leaves us to endure Mika’s misandry rants. Joe Biden’s over in Poland trying to mollify NATO allies as neo-cons go ballistic. They should look in the mirror. If it weren’t for their never-ending wars for oil, we’d have more options today. As it is, they spent us into isolationism.

Joey3’s final four: Kansas, Arizona, Michigan State beating Michigan. I took Wisconsin, Kansas, Virginia, Louisville. Happy 20th to GQ and A-Man.