Daddy Bag

41 is 90 today. Sky dived. Yay. Bid Daddy had it right. Go into Iraq and get out quick. 43 the Inferior took advice from Neo-Con nuts. Now we are left with al Baghdadi and his ISIS monsters. I say let them fight Al Qaeda to the death. We can save money and lives. Stay away. Who are the good guys anyway? U.S. Army allowed an unstable kid like Bergdahl to serve. Sad for so many.

Speaking of evil. Fargo. Who is worse? Malvo or Lester? I say Lester. Finale next week. Game of Thrones, too. What will we do? U.S. Open Golf at PineHurst. Snooze.

Father’s Day. I have a radical opinion on that. Dads are as important as Moms. Bon weekend.