Cooked Books

JP Morgan trading losses, London Interbank Offered Rate manipulation. Perception is everything. Optics key. Makes the argument harder to justify for anti-regulation even if it won’t fix anything. As global financial boundaries continue to blur, it’s easier to hide stuff. Right, Mitt?

It’s not that Romney is rich. It’s that he is clueless about those who are not. If he was CEO at Bain after 1999, whether he was actively involved in management, who cares? Perception is everything. Bain Street vs. Main Street. And the ‘books’ of Mormon will be further roasted as the election looms. The church was, probably is the largest foreign exchange customer in the world. Global assets, cash beyond belief. From Marriott to Campbell’s to Huntsman, they rule more of the world than most people realize.   BloombergBusinessWeek.

So, on another sizzling weekend, read a book to escape. Or, if not re-read Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons in the horrific wake of Penn State.