Debate Rate

Winner. Warren.
Loser. Castro.
Better. Klobuchar.
Unsteady still. Biden.
Disappeared. Buttigieg.
Most improved. Beto. Booker.
Least appealing. Harris.
Marginal. Yang.
Consistently cantankerous. Bernie.

Test: Who can stand up to Trump one-on-one? Warren. Who can garner a big crowd? Warren. Who can win a general election? Hmmm.


Although nothing compares to the vote to maybe think about starting to think about impeachment hearings. Or tonight’s Democrat debate.

Drink when anyone says “soul of our country” and “who we are”.


It is also pretty exciting when Dr. Husband’s twice-weekly alternate side parking routine includes a visit from a typical Upper West Side couple, Steven & Kate, shlepping their old dog down the street for a walk. But. Hey. They do live on our block.


Main Event

Before we go to the Main Event. Take-away from the Undercard. Generationally speaking. Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren had more energy than Joe Biden will likely be able to muster. Electability.

As for tonight’s central contenders. I think they’ll be:

Joe Biden- Seasoned yet yes sleepy
Kamala Harris- Wiley yet phoney
Cory Booker- Empathetic yet pathetic
Julián Castro- Staunch yet obscure
Andrew Yang- Techie yet outré
Kirsten Gillibrand- Feminist and misandrist

Let’s see if they perform true to form.

Dem Debate – Round 1

Breakout- Julián Castro
Stayed the course- Elizabeth Warren
Assertive- Bill deBlasio
Most improved- Cory Booker
Lost ground- Beto O’Rourke
Muddled- Amy Klobuchar

The other four