Under Card

Tonight’s Democrat debate on CNN is considered the lighter-weight bout. With Warren and Sanders at center ring. As the most progressive, they will spar with moderate candidates.  I’d describe the major contenders on the undercard as follows:

Bernie Sanders – Cranky yet consistent
Elizabeth Warren- Breathless yet authentic
Pete Buttigieg- Youthful yet brilliant
Amy Klobuchar- Nervous yet earnest
Beto O’Rourke- Idiocyncratic and erratic

Cackles and Hackles

Cackalacky cackles. Hillary’s guffaws v. Bernie’s laws in the South Carolina debate. Preachy yelly. Painful telly. Hurts my neck. Yes. The Repubs are hectoring petulant adolescents. But, the Dems are pedantic lecturing bores. Loonbats v. Moonbats. Wall Street sucks. Unless they give them bucks. What?! Bernie & Donald have something in common? They don’t get funding from those hedge scum whores. This election cycle only Advil scores. Downton snores.

Football games weren’t that great, either. But, hey. Three out of four.