Weeks No End

There are no weekends anymore. No Sports. Masters. March Madness. Spring Baseball. Even those still working. It’s flexible and from home. No alternate side parking to define things.

So. It’s Saturday. Except no vehicles with New Jersey plates filled with Park-going people with strollers. No farmer’s market. Just another day of stationary cars and an empty street.

Cuomo’s pressers happen 7 days a week. There’s talk now that Dotard Joe’s staff is conspiring to put the Gov on the ticket. But. Biden’s boxed himself in with the prospect of a politically correct Sarah Palin.

Class vs. Crass

Queens Boys.

Andrew Cuomo, NY Gov, grew up in Queens. A street guy with a law degree. But. No Harvard he. Local NY education. Fordham. Albany. A strong presence welcome in these times. His daily pressers on Coronavirus pandemic must-see TV on all national networks. Calming yet assaulting the invisible enemy in the City & State.

Trump also grew up in Queens. A narcissistic bully who got a kick then head-start from daddy. Unlike Andrew’s poetic pol of a dad, Fred was a ruthless developer. Donald’s education at Wharton didn’t afford him a finishing school persona. TheĀ bulldozer caricature has never wavered.

Both from Queens. Class vs. Crass. Run Andrew Run!