Nationalism v. Socialism

Donald v. Bernie. Or someone in between? In Europe, Democratic Socialism is giving way to Nationalism in the wake of economic disparities. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece v. Germany, Netherlands, France. Layer the refugee crisis onto that and xenophobia is on the rise. As immigration and ISIS take over the headlines in the U.S., will isolationism or income inequality win?

Voters will answer in tonight’s Iowa caucuses. The first test. Are we migrating toward polar extremes on either side or stick middle course? Cruz is just nuts.

Lucid Lunacy

He’s done it. El Trumpo made himself the sane choice of the old Republican guard. He has replaced their view of him as the sideshow huckster with a scarier Carnival Cruz. The fringe right are out to dump the Trump which just confirms him as the more mainstream choice. If Mike Bloomberg doesn’t join the fray, at the end of the day it’ll be Donald J. Despite the fact that Sarah Palin is now in play. Predict cold open on SNL this weekend will feature Darrell Hammond and Tina Fey. Oy vey. Blame John McCain!

Full moon and just south a blizzard blows. Carolina v. Pats in the SuperBowl. Safe weekend.

Cuban Sandwich

Trump the filler for a Cruz – Rubio face-off? Tonight’s Vegas main event showcases 9 contenders. Rush Limbaugh has signaled a turn from Donald to Ted. Could this be a watershed moment for tea party darling to win the decision? The other slice of the Cuban sandwich is Marco, Republican establishment sweetheart. Those with nothing to lose could go rogue. Jeb!? and Chris.

Drinking game words for the debate: Vet, as in Veteran or vetting terrorists and refugees. Radical Islam. Illegal immigrant. Visa. Paris. San Bernardino. Malik. 

Politico Show

The Donald is being called a rodeo clown. King of hyperbole. Maybe. Ted Cruz seems reasonable next to Trump. Frank Underwood would. But, the clown’s role is to keep the bull away from the fray. Hmmm.

If book sales serve as a signal to future success, Republican candidates to date have little hope. They all have books out. Best seller is Ben Carson’s at around 30,000. Least is Carly Fiorina with 2,000. Rubio got an $800,000 advance and sold less than 20,000. An advance of that size would need hundreds of thousands to justify it. So, not very impressive by any of them.

Meanwhile, Hillary is coming off as a cranky granny. Snarly. Bernie gaining ground. If he were handsome and young, wow. It’d be quite a different show.