Sunday Stiles

Robert Mueller must have watched HBO’s Brexit. He is questioning Cambridge Analytica leaders who were instrumental in swaying the Brits and aiding Steve Bannon’s global crusade for nationalism. Thus Trump.

Will never understand The Golf Channel. As Tiger is tearing up Riviera, there is a panel discussion about it and other golf-related stuff. Yet can’t watch the actual. Golf. Going on now. Frustrating.

Trevor Noah says his South African mother doesn’t visit him here because in life there are flowers and butterflies. So he takes flight then lands back home to share his adventures. Poetic. Better than pathetic!

Chilly Tilt

A tilt in the winter air. Lunar eclipse could be seen by West Siders on a clear night. Yet. Nothing seems right.

Super Bowl teams decided by a bad call and a coin toss. HBO’s excellent Brexit with Benedict Cumberbatch sheds chilling light on what happened both there and here in 2016. The Mercer’s and Cambridge Analytica are responsible for it all. Steve Bannon, too. A must see.

True Detective music.    Season three.


Arenas overflowing with tens of thousands saying “We are mad as hell. We won’t take it anymore.” Pollsters, pundits, media elites oblivious. In denial. Globalism. Oligarchies. On notice. Loser. Establishment.

Winner. Populism. Nationalism. As in Brexit. New paradigm. Horizontal classism v. Vertical political parties. It’s not about Trump. Nor Bernie. It’s about disrupting the system. Draining the swamp. Blowing it all up. Maybe literally.


Two words. Hillbilly Elegy. Read it. For these people death trumps ennui. Even in rural Western Massachusetts, we remarked on these two “yard signs of the times” at the same house last May. Say it all.

Br Exit?

Can Queen Eliz II die happy now that Brexit has won the day? Just asking. Who’d be next in the anachronistic British Game of Thrones? Bonny Prince Charly and Camilla the Queen Beast. Then William Prince Charming and his Princess Bride Kate. Next precocious boy George. And then… baby Charlotte the namesake of George III’s wife, a Queen with African heritage.

Could be an interesting week. What with hurricanes, debates and royal crown stakes.

YERP-ean Vacation

American tourists’ stock proclamation. “We’re going to YERP this summer.” If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium. Guided bus tours and Viking river cruises. Groups going from one YERP-ean country to the next. Sweden? No. Switzerland? Where are we today? As in Bermuda shorts high-socks wearing wanderers. Then in 1992 it became an economic experiment. The EU. The Euro. Central Bank Chairs thought it could succeed. YERP. Despite centuries of ingrained cultures and histories. Former enemies financial friends. Nope. Never thought it would work.

Globalization is not in style, Hillary. Mark Cuban. Warren Buffett. Notwithstanding.

Sky Fall

Chicken Little. The Sky is falling. Anti-Brexit doomsday cry. Not yet. Markets rallied. Motivates more to try leaving the EU. If dire predictions are not realized by November Trump’s fortunes will rise. Especially if he is running against Shrill & Shriller. And. My head will explode.

Nate Silver says Hillary will win with 80% of the vote. He’s better at calling ball games. Speaking of Game of Thrones. Cersei’s revenge was the scene of the season. Gorgeous musical score. Who’s your Daddy Jon Snow? Winterfell meets the dragons next year.

Exit Ramp

Yup. Brexit. Frexit. Nexit will be Trump. Brits’ vote canary in the coal mine. Nationalism seizes the day. Hillary’s rally for reason does not capture the call for disruption dominating the world. Elites continue aloft in their bubbles hoping for a Deus Ex Machina. She ain’t it. Stability doesn’t sell in this cycle. Stale and more of the same will fail. Outside of financial capitals, they’re mad as hell. Wake up or get off the highway at the next exit. Full speed ahead.