The Summer Houses

Full circle. Just finished James Patterson & Brendan DuBois’ version. The Summer House here is an historic landmark in Georgia and scene of a mass murder. Shoot-em-up machismo. Cops. Military. CIA. FBI. You name it. They’re all there for a few days of page-turning. Unlike The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon, which is the setting for a generational vacation beach home in Weekapaug, Rhode Island.

So. Yeah.    7 books in.    2 more to go.

It’s A Comin’

At least that’s what they’re sayin’.  Tropical storm Fay. Doesn’t sound very furious. Recalls a children’s classic Robert McCloskey’s Time of Wonder. The storm’s a comin’. She’s gonna blow. We’ll see.

Three books in. The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel. Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler.

Lots of grilled steak. And. Of course. Little necks & North Fork Sauvignon Blanc.

April Fools’ ?

Nope. Sorry.

Grateful for acts of kindness. Online bridge games. TP. Books. Gin.

Opening the windows & cheering for medical/frontline heroes at 7pm. It’s a City thing. And. Birdsongs. Clear days. Even if we’re reticent about going outdoors, still better when the sun shines in.

Reading to the Rescue

Although NYC Book Club was postponed this week, still intend to read the pick Dear Edwardby Ann Napolitano.

But. That’s after I finish Mantel’s last Thomas Cromwell in her trilogy, which could take quite a while. On page 200, 500+ to go. So far it is rich, dense and captivating. Thanks, Hilary!

A lighter and shorter diversion is Bret Stephens’ portrait of his avant-garde artist grandmother in today’s NYTimes. Whatta woman! Mexico with Trotsky & Rivera just for starters.

Conjured recent novel by Isabel Allende, A Long Petal of the Sea. Her familial perspective of the Spanish Civil War and later migration to Chile. Political and historical context made it a worthwhile read.

Bon Weekend

No more complaining. If scaffolding, census forms & hot weather is all there is to worry about, then it’s fine. Right? Look forward to next week when it’s Mueller Time (okay the week after now, maybe) and the British Open. So. Take a picnic and a new book to Central Park and shut up.

Bon Weekend!

Slithery Things

The Snakes, by Sadie Jones. A new novel which isn’t really about reptilia. Even if they are supposedly residing in the attic of a ramshackle hotel in the South of France. It’s more about the slippery slum-lord patriarch of an uber-rich British family and his slithery wife. Yes. Sounds familiar and cliché. But. Hey. It’s a summer read.

Big slimy monsters are no match for the horrifying writing and acting in this season’s Stranger Things. Unless you are trapped under a rock with a tv, don’t waste a minute on the vapid venomoid series.

Speaking of creepy crawlers. Today’s arrest of the Lolita Express’ Jeffrey Epstein. Extreme sequel to Anthony’s Weiner.