Better Places

If we are all still here after Saturday, we can rejoice in the emergence of Mike Bloomberg’s Global Business Forum.¬†The New York billionaire who should be President. Don’t blame me. I voted for him! Rational. Professional. Ethical. Brilliant. And. He really does have a macro economic vision. Unlike. Well. That other New York billionaire (ish).

Then. Find Conan O’Brien’s trip to Israel. On this Jewish New Year. An hilarious and heartbreaking synopsis of what a world at peace could be. Good people on both sides of the Wall. And beyond. Must see.


Solar Eclipse 2017. Truncated at 70% in NYC. It was basically a sunny turned gray day non-event. But lots of people were wearing weird glasses in Central Park.

Movie filmed on our block on election day last November. Just released. Not doing so good. The Only Living Boy in New York. Callum Turner. Cynthia Nixon. Probably left on the cutting room floor.

Meanwhile, we are saved! Mike Bloomberg is assuming the helm. Snatching the tiller from Hillary & Co.

May Out

Shinseki out. Who knew? Michael Strahan scooped the main stream media. In an interview at the White House yesterday, former NY Giants’ hall of famer pressed the Prez on VA leader’s viability. Obama told him that he planned to have a ‘serious conversation’ with the Secretary this morning. He did. Carney out, too.

Bloomberg did what Lagarde should have done. He spoke at Harvard despite protests, assailing lack of tolerance for diverse ideas. Would have served Smith graduates better than caving in to closed-mindedness.

As we head out on these last days of May, we’ll rejoice in early farm stand harvests. Rhubarb, fiddleheads, blueberries. Snapdragons, petunias, pansies. Happy season. Bon weekend.