Yesterday’s Couple

President Clinton’s tag line. Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Yet. Bill & Hill will not leave the stage. Yesterday’s couple. Going on tour for high stakes conversations as has-been pols. Always in search of the next buck. As the Democratic party desperately needs new blood.

Bill’s past antics fodder for #MeToo ads. A new Broadway Show with Laurie Metcalfe and John Lithgow. Hillary & Clinton. Really? Guess the over-65 crowd will go. What’s next? Go Joe! Biden. Yay! Pelosi. No.

Let’s start thinking about tomorrow.

Tale Spinner

Michelle Obama was wonderful as the Mother-In-Chief. Tour de force speech. Her cred spread to Hillary. Even better. Bill Clinton spun a tale about his sweetheart Hillary. A woman who eclipsed him and enticed him all at the same time. A storyline brilliantly crafted and compelling. Editing and foibles aside. Portrayed an enduring partnership. Rang true. Good for you. Well done. President 42.