Retro Grade

Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders. Perfect candidates for the Senate. In 1980. They sure can debate the votes they made in those old-timey days. When they were wowed by Teddy Kennedy speech-a-fying on the floor.

In the meantime, we have a horrible global coronavirus health and economic crisis now. Restaurants, Mom & Pop shops outta bizness forever cuz of it. Visionaries for the future? Fergettaboutit.

Oh. Yeah. Joe did say he’s gonna get him “a woman” running mate. Hope with smell-worthy Prell hair.

Grumpo a Grumpo

Still having a debate tonight. It seems. Two grumpy really old white guys filling 2+ hours? I don’t think so. It’ll be something to watch with held breath. Will Joe reassure or scare the heck out of us? Will he know what day it is and where he is? Bernie already gave him the questions. Anyway. It’s the only thing on TV that hasn’t been suspended. Yet.

Speaking of cranky. Bought Bombshell. Charlize Theron was okay as Megyn Kelly, got her voice down. Lithgow as Roger Ailes good. Other acting¬† bad,¬† because of the terrible writing. Funny cameos. Paid $3.99 so had to stick it out ’til the end. At least it was on sale.