Dem Temp

Bernie’s Back. Dem or not? Still the leader of a now crowded left lane. Yay! Larry David on SNL.

Amy rising as the moderate. Her CNN town hall had its moments. She didn’t back down from being a tough boss with high expectations. Liked that. And. She didn’t promise pie in the sky.

Biden could edge her out of the middle lane. But. I think a centrist old white guy this time around just won’t play.

Hit Pieces

Who is out to get Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar? Right before she announces her Presidential run. Snow flake staff say she was too tough on them. But. Who leaked the report to HuffPost? Let the games begin.

#MeToo? No. #TrumpToo. Presidential harassment. That’s what we’ll hear. For the next 2 years.

Recently had brunch at Café Luxembourg. A noisy crowded UWS staple. Kate Walsh said she used to waitress there and it was so bad during brunch she got fired for rolling her eyes. Don’t blame her.

Velvet Buzzsaw. Goofy gory spoof of the corrupt Art World. Jake Gyllenhaal zany as you’ve never seen him before.

David Pecker outing Jeff Bezos’.

Tara Westover’s family hit piece, Educated.