Ludic Dreams

My playful¬†predilections and demented dreams are coming true. Entertainment alert. Who knew? Bern rising so much so that Morning Mika suggested that Hillary will need to team up with Elizabeth Warren on the ticket!! What a dynamic duo. Whoa. And Sarah Palin will indeed be “palling around” with Donald Trump. Not her old buddy Cruz. Can’t make it up. No one could conjure a more outlandish reality show. And I can see it from my house!

What’s next? Melania will leave Donald and hook up with Bill. Huma and Hillary will run away together. Mike Bloomberg will swoop in and become our next Prez. Yes!

2016 Predilections

Starbucks on every corner.
Adam Driver disintegrates Hannah. Solo.
Trump-Palin v. Hillary-Warren.
MadMen returns. Season 8.
Manhattan view.
Great new novels. City on Fire not yet.
SuperBowl. Anybody but the Pats.
Freshest fish.

Little Blue Corvette. Wish I’d kept my 1963 baby blue split-window fast-back Stingray with the Hurst stick shift. The one Seinfeld and Obama had coffee and comedy in. Would’ve been a lucrative bet.