Pit Bulls On Board!

Department of Transportation stated that under its guidance Delta Airlines can no longer ban pit bulls. Delta carries 700 “service or support animals” a day and had seen an 84 percent increase in incidents including urination, defecation, biting and mauling.

The Association of Flight Attendants issued a statement saying flight attendants have been hurt and safety has been compromised…that there is routinely a mess of untrained animals loose in the aircraft cabin. No wonder they get drunk and pass out.

Remember when they’d tell parents to control their kids and change diapers in restrooms. Yeah. Grounded.

Chinese Evolution

Don & Melania will dine within Beijing’s Forbidden City which hasn’t changed much in 500 years. It still harkens back to Emperors and Eunuchs. Okay. Too easy.

However. The surrounding city is unrecognizable from even a few decades ago. Skyscrapers, highways, Beijing today looks more like L.A. Back in 1982 post-Mao there were no cars, a few buses and vans. Mostly bicycles. Guest houses rather than hotels. Western tourists a novelty. And a Polaroid camera was magic. Selfies never seen. Literally.

Irma la Féroce

Irma la Douce. The sweet sirène Parisienne. Hurricane Irma la Féroce. Definitely not. Gentle. The rare category 5 has already decimated Caribbean islands. Especially la belle French isle Saint Barthélemy. Quel dommage. 

More desolation in her path.

~Anse Gouverneur in more tranquil times~

Signs of the Times

The woman of the house came to the front door as we took photos in Hatfield, Massachusetts. She was with her little one and asked, “Do you think there will be a divorce?”


house and signs

Nah. Both speak to this year’s yearning for outsiders. She said she got a text one morning after getting out of the shower that her husband was putting a Trump sign on the lawn. Ha.