Sap Flow

DSC_0010-3The sugar maples are running. Dark amber flow. DSC_0002-5

Just as we have a new dynamic duo. Tweedle Don. And. Tweedle Christie. Lots of sappy soundbites. Hillary wants love and kindness. Nice. Bernie’s run was good while it lasted. Lost its glow.

Oscars show. Can Chris Rock the house? Brooklyn syrupy. Bridge of Spies. Stellar. Rylance and Hanks. Gorgeous attention to detail. Marmalade moment. What The Big Short was not. Still fave Spotlight. Ruffalo.

Bats in the Belfry

On this most horrible of all holidays. If you care. Try these costume party stand-outs on for size. If like me you hate All Hallow’s Eve. Put cheap candy in a bowl on the porch and re-watch the Republican debate. Or Hillary’s 11-hour Benghazi hearing. Or Boehner’s tearful farewell. Redundant.

Or. Spend Halloween night chugging shots in between handing out Kit Kats to trick-or-treaters at the door. Apologize for your plaid pajamas. For your Vampira meets Bride of Frankenstein updo this year. Sorry about no pumpkins on the porch. Nor scary lights. They’ll get over it.

Can we get through one more?

CoupCoup d’état

Kevin McCarthy out. Is there anyone in Congress who isn’t on the take or the make? So to Speaker. Of the House. Has this finally cratered Benghazi crazies? Special interests. Financial and personal. So to Speaker. Credit this CoupCoup d’état to Senator Cruz. As he slipstreams Trump, Ted continues to incite the Freedom Revolutionaries in the House. Unlikely stuff will get done soon.

Got away from the cuckoo’s nest. Autumn sojourn to Conway and Ashfield. Travel Treks. Maybe Krusty the Klown could be the next Speaker.