Solar Eclipse 2017. Truncated at 70% in NYC. It was basically a sunny turned gray day non-event. But lots of people were wearing weird glasses in Central Park.

Movie filmed on our block on election day last November. Just released. Not doing so good. The Only Living Boy in New York. Callum Turner. Cynthia Nixon. Probably left on the cutting room floor.

Meanwhile, we are saved! Mike Bloomberg is assuming the helm. Snatching the tiller from Hillary & Co.

YERP-ean Vacation

American tourists’ stock proclamation. “We’re going to YERP this summer.” If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium. Guided bus tours and Viking river cruises. Groups going from one YERP-ean country to the next. Sweden? No. Switzerland? Where are we today? As in Bermuda shorts high-socks wearing wanderers. Then in 1992 it became an economic experiment. The EU. The Euro. Central Bank Chairs thought it could succeed. YERP. Despite centuries of ingrained cultures and histories. Former enemies financial friends. Nope. Never thought it would work.

Globalization is not in style, Hillary. Mark Cuban. Warren Buffett. Notwithstanding.

¡Qué bola!

El Presidente Obama touches down in Cuba. CEO’s in tow. Las Capitalistas invade the last bastion of La Revolución. La lluvia. Las lágrimas de Fidel. Castro regime sheds its last tears. What will it mean. Trade-offs. Rights vs. redistribution. Mojitos. Cigarros. Starbucks. Starwood.

90 miles north back in The States. Bernie Sanders fills stadiums as a Socialist. A new generation of Americans ready to embrace income equality. Al revés. Where is Elián González these days? What would José Martí say?

Steal the Stage!

Be a statesman tomorrow night, Donald. Take the reins of the debate. Corral the minds on the stage to discuss the refugee crisis. It will affect the global economy, jobs here in America, and is a humanitarian horror. Nobody wants to see the candidates stand like stooges and argue who said what about whom. Take trick questions from the egocentric media. Use the huge ratings and the platform to do good. Expertise in business, governing, medicine all will be there.

Less chatter. More solutions. Everyone will win.

Bottom Out?

China markets plunge. Global indices follow. Fundamentally speaking there are still few places to invest. Real estate. Equities. No other instruments have the potential for a meaningful return. Risk. Reward. Institutional portfolio makers have no where else to go. So, hang tight. Stocks will be at 17,000 again at year-end. Of course, I have no more idea what I am talking about than anybody else. Common sense and logic will hopefully prevail.

Davis Love III took the top honors at the Wyndham at 51. Youth take note.

Drach EU ma

An ancient vampire is poised to suck the blood out of the EU. Taking the world markets with it. Count Drachma may emerge from his crypt. Will the ruble now see daylight? Euroland is vulnerable to a global financial bite. Twenty years later than I’d guessed, the death knell of a continental experiment.

Talk about ghoulish. Finally watched first two new True Detectives. Nic Pizzolatto rises again. Brilliant.

Trade Shade

President Obama refers to Senator Elizabeth Warren by her first name. That’s sexist? How simplistic can you get. Oh yes. Warren’s trade agreement dissent. Her throwaway clichés rarely have heft. This one is a doozy. It’s a global economy, Senator W. That ship has sailed. American workers will never make widgets again. Labor costs (thanks unions) are too high here. If we don’t want a military industrial complex which survives only by waging wars, then we need trading partners to retain leverage for alliances with countries in the Pacific Rim. That way we can afford to spend our money on infrastructure. Roads. Bridges. RAILROADS. Instead of tanks and bombs. Now, that’s simple, Lizzie.