Broken Record Alert

Until America loves its children more than its guns nothing will change. This time another two dead kids; a six-year old boy and a thirteen-year old girl at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

The Case for Capitalism

Ken Langone, Home Depot financier and billionaire. Put his name and money behind NYU’s Med School. And. Now has made it tuition free for all students. Something political gridlock could never get done.

Howard Schultz’ Starbucks gives tuition and health care coverage to all including even part-time employees. Better than Obama-care.

What the hell has the government done about mass shootings? Don’t wait for Congress to love its children more than its NRA money. So. The parents of the Sandy Hook victims are bringing legal suits against gun manufacturers for wrongful deaths by their assault products. Like successful litigation of the tobacco industry changed smoking laws.

American Ritual

Stages of mass shootings in America: 1) Shock & Horror. Body count. Injured count. Murderer ID. 2) Outrage. Political polarization. Guns v. Ideology. 3) Blame. Disaffected young men. Radical Islam. Homophobes. Racists. Disgruntled workers. Mentally ill. Economically desperate. 4) Sorrow. Victims’ pictures and stories. Makeshift memorials. Flowers & Balloons. 5) Acceptance. Congress never acts. Assault rifles remain easily accessed. On to the next one.

Common Denominator

Common cable news event coverage. Mass shooting somewhere. Who? Troubled student. Disturbed lone teen. Deranged hermit. Jilted lover. Angry religious couple. What? Spray of bullets leaving many dead in a short time. When? Morning. Evening. Afternoon. Where? School. Social gathering. Planned Parenthood. College. Church. Why? Who cares? How? Assault weapons.

Common denominator. Guns. Guns. Guns. Guns. Guns.


Shooter. School. Death count. Injured rate. Motive? Who cares? Guns. Votive Candles. Teddy Bears. Balloons. Funerals. Obama says it has become routine. We’ve become numb to this. Guns.

Until America loves its children more than its guns… Nothing Will Change.