mAdBen’s Crazy Great Year. NYU accolades. New view. Career

Mama & 3 bears in the yard

The Night Circus
Ocean House
, Watch Hill- 60


People on TV.  Cover your skin. Sleeves. Pleez.
Amy Winehouse. Sad



The Side Trek is born
Los Mineros de Chile
Nobu Next Door
Cafferty File


Franzen’s book Freedom
Eat Pray Barf film|
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Touring Rock Geezers
Pats 45- Jets 3
Greta van Susteren

Joe’s 2010 Comments:

Franzen Klamer needed to be freed from the slopes. Too many chairlifts falling these days.

EatPrayBarf or SexCity2 – Agree, Even Julia barfing makes me throw up in my mouth. Sara Jessica just makes me vomit period!! Actor- Nicolas Cage – Moonstruck so long ago!!!

Glee – Gay…..NOT that there’s anything wrong with that!!!

Real Housewives Beverly Hills – Real housewives of Pound Ridge is far worse. I shopped today at Scott’s Corners market and oh what a show they could have.

Touring rock geezers, lost voices – Still waiting for Pink Floyd to join the group. Although they can still sing!!!!

Pats 45, Jets 3 – I love to listen to jealous Pats fan moan and groan; Giants punt to Eagles – Joe Pisarcik Loved it!!!! ; still hope for Tiger – He should check out the real housewives of Pound Ridge!!!!!

Greta Van Susteren – Insignificant since her wrinkles came back.

SNOB!  Krinkly kleavage – I’m actually looking down at my krinkly kleavage right now and Oh my Holy Lord!

CandyPants’Pick- Lazy grammar/spelling – See Above.