U.S. Broken

Two flawed presidential candidates. Commander-in-Chief forum on the Intrepid. Should be Trepidation. Stranger Things? That’s a crazy Netflix show. 80’s spoofy scary comedy. Okay. Better than the election.

Over in Flushing Meadows. Is there any more boring U.S. Open ever? Lame. Literally. Defaults. Walkovers. Johnny Mac is apoplectic. So are we. Pouille.

Go Garoppolo! No.

Rose Petals

Never promised you a rose garden, Phil. Bridesmaid again. Justin Rose to the occasion, the least singed by a satanic course. Nobody in the red. Merion Golf Club won the U.S. Open. DSC_0006

Bloom is off MadMen6. Besides Don drinking even earlier in the day than usual, not sure where it’ll end next week. Everyone seems to be failing to navigate a thorny transition in the merged agency. Joan too easily drifts from partner to office manager role. Ted is giddy for Peggy. Where’s Roger? Miss him. Pete is all over the place. Poor Ken got Cheney-ed. Back at the MadPad, Megan is weary and wary. Sally’s cast off to Boarding School with Glen. Betty encourages her to smoke. All very confusing. Not in a good way.

Tried New Day on CNN. Cackling women and Chris Cuomo. Flip to Morning Joe. Over on FauxNews Sarah Palin is back and still sounding like Miss Utah.

Basket Cases

Merion Golf Course wins. Champions are under siege. Diabolical greens, witchy weather, basket-sticks. Perfectly struck, well-read putts rarely hit the bottom of the cup. Two survivors limped in today under par. Phippy and an unknown duffer. Weekend equilibrium will be tested. If you care. Meanwhile, love the pace of play campaign. Step up to the ball. Take the shot. While We’re Young.

June 1981. Last U.S. Open played at Merion. Before Dr.Husband. June 1982. Guests watched Pebble Beach as I married Dr.Husband at 122 E. 76th. Fast work. Still standing.