Eyes Off Sports

Sports are becoming less and less watchable for spectators. Especially on TV. Baseball’s pitching switches and glitches make for hours of dead airtime. NBA is okay in the last 2 minutes. Shoot. Shoot. No plays. Tennis in the era of grunting is only endurable on mute.

Then there’s golf. The so-called Golf Channel barely covers parts of major events including The Majors. Silly wasted delays to wait for network coverage. If you can actually see it live, more and more young golfers tap dance, check their stats, yip around up and down for so long that Nick Faldo can read an entire Shakespeare drama between shots. Why aren’t they on the clock. Ruining the sport.

So. Yeah. At least it’s too nice a day to stay inside anyway.


Emmys dirge. Low energy. Slow. Whose idea was it to intersperse obituaries throughout the show? Colbert the only spark of life. Sports caisson. Whoa. Giants, 49ers routs. Tiger sick of gotcha video penalty woes. Henrik Stenson wins one tourney and the entire FedEx Cup. Dumb idea. Ratings blow.

Retreated to an autumnal backyard chair and a 1978 Iris Murdoch Man Booker- winning classic. TheSea TheSea. Great writing stands the test of time. Muddled lives. Obsession. Things are never what they seem to be. Wonderful read.

Ayn Ryan

So, it’s a clear choice. Romney-Ryan. A young congressional bean-counter who espouses the philosophy of Ayn Rand. No ambiguity about this strategy. But, why announce it on a Saturday morning in August? E & F list news hosts on cable shows, cartoons on the networks. What am I missing here? Chuck Todd did get a scoop yesterday and predicted it would be Ryan. Not a weak pick. If Peggy Noonan writes their speeches, it could get really interesting.

And… Tiger is in the lead at the PGA.

Monday Links

Joey LaCava, the caddie went to see Bruce, the Boss in Tampa on Friday night. Yesterday his old boss of 22 years, Freddie won the Champions tournament. Then his new boss, Tiger won for the first time since September 2009. Great weekend for Joey. Hope Arnie is okay. Masters, ho! Still miss Stevie, tho’.

Final Four no surprises. After the long 17-month wait, Don Draper & Co. are back. Patience pays. Maybe. Too many ads! I know it’s a show about advertising. I know my son is producing ads. But, from now on we are going to record and fast forward. It was a tasty bouchon of a return in a mad pad. Oh la la!

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