Side Trek – Blog Spotted

Pioneer Valley newspaper Daily Hampshire Gazette featured TheSideTrek in Phoebe Mitchell’s “Blog Spotter” report. Cool! Great article. Read it here, the link works now, thanks to Noah:

‘Florence Woman Makes Mark on CNN Blog, and Her Own’. Ms. Mitchell highlighted frequent on-air Cafferty File comments, Recipe Detours, 2010 best TrekBooks and eclectic ramblings including the Hopper exhibit at the Whitney. Nod to GemQueen. Mitchell cited snarky “Skippy Hallow” post, and liked that Alicat and I fought over the neck and gizzard on Thanksgiving.

James Franco hosting Oscars, Ben’s NYU Econ Honors thesis acclaim and now this, good times. Thanks for your 14,000 visits and comment away into 2011!


Back in the day at Mount Holyoke, feminism was burgeoning, we were on the cusp of being dutiful daughters or Steinem surrogates. As one who never liked joining, I eschewed the tide and succeeded in the business world as an individual, not a representative of any group.

Segue to the state of feminism today. Be careful what you wish for. Who are the current feminists? Are Palin, O’Donnell, Bachmann, Whitman, Fiorina women? Are they working moms, independent thinkers, political activists? Are they part of our group because we are all women? What makes one woman more a woman than another? More a feminist? Would I want to join the group today? Hmmm.

Weekend Treks – BadMen

Great episode this week, MadMen tackled blatant workplace sexual harassment of the time. Women of a certain age remember it well. There were jerks. As with Joan and Peggy, you had to navigate it and women didn’t always protect each other. I’d have to say that 90% of men acted professionally, the creeps we remember. But then there were those proper young women who’d offer to give a “Mount Holyoke” now and then. I never knew any of course.

Bad calls, bad falls, bad behavior football weekend. Rained on men flushing the U.S.Open singles final.

Mad Treks

It’s a mad world on MadMen these days. Betty is getting more evil. Is she revealing an incestuous past? Did she allow Sally to get too close to her Dad, Sally’s grandfather? Meanwhile, Joan and Peggy are running the show in the AdWorld. Don’s still dating Bethany, the Mount Holyoke “gymnast”. Pete Campbell went to Deerfield, someone on the show must be from ’round here.

Trailer for new movie “Howl” looks interesting with James Franco playing a young Allen Ginsberg, activist poet; Jon Hamm as lawyer in his obscenity trial. Today’s guest Judy Belushi, John’s widow 11am

Jello Treks

Summer haze like walking through Jello. If people are out of jobs and consumer debt is out of control, why can’t I find a decent hotel room anywhere for less than $500 a nite? OK decent is a relative term.

Mount Holyoke has made a resurgence, mentioned on “Mad Men”. Don is supposed to be enticed by a potential date that looks like Virginia Mayo, was on the Mount Holyoke gymnastics team? Maybe that was a good thing in the 60’s. In Steve Hely’s book, “How I Became a Famous Novelist”, Steve’s black roommate visits Mount Holyoke to lose his virginity. He succeeds with a “not unpretty girl”. Now this is the Mount Holyoke I know and love.

Could hear Cyndi Lauper show from back porch the other night, she was performing down the road at the Pines Theater in Look Park. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Who’d you rather have for your Mother- Sarah, Kate or Hillary? I’ve decided to be eccentric. It sounds cooler than boring, nutty and old.