Pink ‘n Roll

So Tennessee is out. Purdue a better team. But. What is with the yellow culottes with pink shoes on the Michigan squad. Silver tights, too. Red ones with matching shorts on Texas Tech. I thought Jane Fonda workout headbands were dead in the ’90’s. Do these guys look in the mirror? The tatts are just scary. Other than that. They can pass.

1 for 2. UNC & Michigan State next. Bye Bye perfect Bracket. Warren Buffett wins again. And. Chuck Emojis are the only ones I like.

Bracket Madness

The NYPost’s Mueller Madness┬áis hilarious. With overreaching pundits and entertainers competing for fomenting the most Russia collusion hysteria. Rachel Maddow solidly beats Stephen Colbert in the Finals.

In that other bracket. My final four are still in the Sweet Sixteen. Michigan State. Texas Tech. Tennessee. UNC. As are Joey3Sticks’ Duke. Michigan. Virginia. Kentucky. And mAdBen’s. Duke. Michigan. Tennessee. Houston. Although. Duke barely eeked it out.

Mal Weekend

Snow. Yes. That’s right. It is snowing. Again. Right now. Plus, Flu. Malaise. Gray days. Okay. What’s great? My four teams have all made it to the Final Eight. Go Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Notre Dame, Michigan State!!

Gail Collins has a fun pop up quiz about Teddy Cruz. I got 7/9.

March Crabness

Soaps pre-empted for first rounds. March Madness?! It can’t be now. Freezing. Windy. 2 feet of snow still on the ground. Crocuses and daffodils submerged. Anyway. Here are my final four.

Gonzaga. Wisconsin. Notre Dame. Michigan State. C’mon. Kentucky too easy.

Mad March

My pre-bracket picks are still in play. Kansas, Indiana, Duke, Gonzaga. UMass didn’t make the sixty-eight. Harvard did? Madness marches to its final fate. Workplaces take annual diversionary break. It’s fun. Longshot? Liberty.

Can the Cypriots bring down the Euro house of cards? A financial cascade could happen. Profit-taking time. Krugman calling. Austerity may soon be us.

Season finale Girls. Shoshanna breakup performance tour de force. Zosia Mamet can act. Marnie’s happy ending with Charlie contrived. Didn’t buy it. Hannah learns allies are hard to find, including her ‘girl’ friends. Adam’s loyalty rang true.