NBA Today

Celtics fan back in the day. Road trips with Dad to Boston in the old Garden. Russell, Cousy, K.C. & Sam Jones tore up the parkay. Finesse, passing, team play. Red Auerbach lit up his cee-gar when the game was in the bag. Those were the days.

Today’s NBA an individual game. Shoot and score. More of an entertainment enterprise, not a sport. Neighbor Rich Kleiman reps Kevin Durant and Roc Nation Sports with Jay-Z.

As you heard it here first. Dennis Rodman, of the NBA and Celebrity Apprentice will be at the upcoming Singapore Summit with his pals Donny T and Kimmy Jong. Cannot make it up.

T-Rump Policy

Whether it’s Kim Thong or Kim Jong, there’s a different diplomacy paradigm under T-Rump. Including all of their uncommonly large booties. Kim Kardashian has brought pardons into play. Maybe even for Martha and Blago, too. Kim Jong Un is now part of the global fray. It sure is a new day. Roseanne’s not to be left out. She didn’t want a second season anyway. Gotta say. They all bring in high ratings.