Women v. Women

Women’s worst enemy? Other women. NYPost exposes Valerie Jarrett and Michelle O behind HRC email leaks. And other intrigues emanating out of the feminist wing. Beware women’s rights advocates. They are all for your rights unless you are wrong. Hillary not liberal enough. Yes, they like another woman, Elizabeth Warren. But, they are backing Martin O’Malley, too. I know. I plead guilty. And don’t even talk to Maureen Dowd. Ouch! Most scathing anti-Hillary column ever. Should be interesting Morning Mika tomorrow. She overtly pushes the Valerie-Michelle-Warren agenda to promote her book and lecture series.

And… just finished the number one best seller The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. Weak women. Bad men. Yawn. Three needy, vulnerable competing current women tell their stories around an English train track. Intriguing literary device. Reductive in the end.


And so it begins. Hillary hijinks. Bill bimbos. Chelsea Global Initiative CEO-gate. Clandestine Clintonian clan returns to the headlines. They make it so easy for the opposition. Their hubris knows no bounds. Laws don’t apply to them. Huma Abedin, tweeting Weiner’s wife, is Hillary’s closest assistant. Hill has also surrounded herself with Bill’s former henchmen. Mostly male this time. Her private emails play right into the Benghazi-crazed crowd. Would be entertaining if Dems had another candidate on their bench. But, they don’t.

HRC could be our commander-in-chief when Iran mounts a nuclear arsenal against ISIS’ knives. Drumbeats of World War III. Scary times.