Mean Girls

Hilary Mantel gets vicious. Calls Kate Middleton a plastic breeding machine mannequin. None of which would describe the ManBooker queen. Bring up the “bones”.  After her last travesty, she should focus on writing better royal fiction.

Mean knows no gender on this week’s Girls episode, called Boys. Ray’s attempt at a male bonding moment turns churlish when Adam’s claws come out. Jenna emerges from the tub long enough to slap Hannah right on her writer’s block.

Women of different means. Hillary hits speaking circuit. Sarah’s back at CPAC.

Vex Day

Creepy life-sized Teddy Bears. Juvenile hoodie footie pajamas. Eeyuu. Cheap chocolates. Wilted roses. All this to get lucky once a year. Is it over yet?

Internet abuzz about last week’s Girls. An off-beat hipster chick shows up at a gorgeous vulnerable guy’s door. He invites her in and she’s, well… game. They have a fleeting dalliance. Then it’s over. It was real. Where’s the controversy?

Happiness is…Jeopardy’s’Teen Tournament and winner Leonard Cooper.

Mad Girls

Girls. Dr.Husband discovered them a year ago. Not literally. I heard him laughing out loud as he was watching something online. He said it was an intelligent, funny new HBO show about twenty-somethings. Called Girls. Really? Didn’t sound like my kinda thing. Should have known it’d be good. Dr.H has discerning taste.

Late to the game, after all of the hype and accolades this year, I finally succumbed. Have to admit, love the brave, smart writing. Lena Dunham is quite brilliant and talented. Took me back to those days in some ways. Don’t judge. Brian Williams’ daughter in Booth’s booth was over the line. Beyond creepy. It definitely ain’t Downton Abbey. But, I’ll keep watching.