Ides Treks

Extreme Accomplishment-MichaelB came in 2nd (much to his chagrin, “he didn’t come to play for no second”) at the 75th Thunderbolt cliff/ski event on Mt. Greylock last weekend, RyanB made it down, too (that’s all that counts to MamaBear).  It only takes an hour and a half to climb up to the start, carrying skis, and that’s if you’re in good shape!  Yikes!!!  These bro’s take after rock-climbing Dad- hard core but cool.
New restaurant Eclipse opened on Main Street, Hamp near Normand Bakery.  Zach Gorham, chef/owner was featured in TheSideTrek column “Foliage Fore-ays”.   He was at Lord Jeff, Bread Euphoria, and Worthington GC.  Good reviews from locals who tried it out last Saturday.
NYUguys upgraded to oceanfront SanJuan beach, the apple doesn’t fall far…
Dogs should blog- see TrekBooks page- right Bronco, Merry, Star, Bosin, Daisy, Rosie, Emma, Neo…?!
Good luck T-man, milk shakes await.
Rielle Hunter’s real name is Heidi Abramowitz from Rhinebeck.

CandyPants Madness- Final Four: Kansas, BYU, New Mexico, Old Dominion.  C’mon, don’t be wimps, pick ’em here now.
Go Amherst College Women!-D3

Weekend Treks-Rain Around The Town

Despite monsoon-like wind and rain, no one can keep Northampton-NY shuttlers from swift completion of their appointed rounds:
Katz’ picnic enjoyed in the Bronx…bpj picked up check at The Smith, great fun and food, 3rd Ave between 10th & 11th…Hotel Giraffe comfortable as always, best deal in town…perfect Sunday eggs at Les Halles, Park Avenue South… new cruiser bike bought in Amherst arrived in the Village…downed trees dodged and everyone healthy…nice visit with the brave and lovely Sue…thanks A-Man and GemQueen, Petaluma pasta delish, 1st Ave @ 73rd- left at 7:15, back home in Flo before 9:30, Dr. Maniac behind the wheel.

From the Frig:  Red Slaw- good reviews from N, J, G.  see RecipeDetours.

Friday Asides- Comings, Goings

Fitting Tribute– hundreds gathered in Manhattan on Wednesday to honor the life of Jordan Nager.  It is widely reported that his daughter Alison delivered a remarkably poignant eulogy – soon she will deliver a living legacy.

NYU gang heading off to San Juan for spring break… “real housewives of nyc” fans to dine Sunday in their ‘hood… indoor deli picnic Saturday with Betsey chez kittay… old girl to hit young spot in East Village…Agawam baseball star college hunting in Worcester… Stonehill tennis captain gearing up for her spring season in Florida…recent UMASS grad celebrating in Costa Rica while bro gets tonsils out at Baystate… Goddess and G colliding at Liquors44… GemQueen happening upon Lyd & daughter at Bouchon bakery Time Warner (only in NY)

CandyPantsRant:  Tickle-me-Massa visits Glennbeckistan- dueling lunatics – must see TV.

Happy Trek Day

Having made it through mentalpause, attack of the hair color, and now one year away from the next decade, a weird virus & sleepless nights with shoulder pain- Dr. Husband could stand it no more.  He hauled me off to the ER where I spent this birthday morning.  After getting yellow and blue “bling” (plastic bracelets), we waited around for 2 hours.  Dr. Darko finally came in and said no to shooting me up with ‘roids so the whole thing was a big bust.  Maybe next week I’ll be ready to gear up for the next chapter- of my novel and my life.   Happy to me.

Update: Apologies for self-indulgent rant, finally got the “shot” 12 Mar thanks to Goddess & G.

Mile Treks

The New York Times’ Editorial Board to host its first “guest”, Ben, Washington Square News Editorial Board Chair.  Ben will sit in on a NYTimes editorial meeting.

BirthDaze- tomorrow it’ll be 9 years since the big Five-O bash in NY at Elaine’s and mafia discobest birthday until last year in London- lunch with Ben & Gary at Charlotte Street Hotel, Fitzrovia; homemade osso bucco at Frister and Madman’s flat in West Kensington.

En fin, adieu Jordan.  Bienvenu…

March Trek- In Like a Lion

CandyPants Rants:
Reality Shows Should Be Called: “The Real Neglected, Ignored, Exploited Children of Selfish Narcissistic So-Called Parents”. Octomom, Jon & Kate Plus 8, The Real Housewives of Wherever, et al.   Who is tending to the children while Mommy and/or Daddy are dancing, preening, posing, clubbing?  Where is the outrage?  No one cares about these children!  Babies are not accessories to be worn on the hip like a Prada bag or prammed around in the trendiest strollers.  Kids aren’t to be tossed in the closet at the end of a hard day on the “set” or photo shoot.

The Tipping Point Is Here NYTimes article yesterday about what’s really behind the Tea Party movement gave me chills.  The Glenn Becks of the world use words like “Proud Americans”,  “True followers of our Constitution”, other veiled code for us vs. them.  Us, the white Christian people of the heartland; them, the people of color and others taking over our country. It’s the last bastion of the old white guard and they are mad and scared.  Flash back to 1994: I started listening to an overnight talk show host, “Art Bell”.  Like Beck and his ilk, he was entertaining if not nutty with conspiracy theories and outrageous callers.  At that time, his show was rife with callers from “Militias” organized in remote areas of the heartland.  They preached survivalism and were anti-Government, anti-tax, anti-immigration.  All seemed harmless enough despite their pro-gun rhetoric.  Then at one point, Art Bell said that he was becoming increasingly disturbed by the ‘chatter’ he was getting offline.  A few weeks later we were stunned by the Oklahoma City bombing, but not shocked.  Now it’s more mainstream but no less desperate.

But hey, it’s March!

ETreks- Vintage Fashion and…

“Valentino, the Last Emperor” on Showtime TV.  Recommended by “Shadow”.  He is not a typical fashionista, so worth a look.
“Coco Avant Chanel” movie, dvd, Sony, Maria loved this story about a woman who trusted her instincts, made sacrifices, triumphed.

“NY Book Club Without the Book”: A monthly appointment at Monkey Bar, “tasty” desserts and fun.  So far this season of American Idol, yawny and baddy, so lame this year.  Olympics cross country skiing better, oy.  Idol has jumped the shark.   New Vinyasa yoga class at Brassworks in Williamsburg, MA- NY trained Peter Rizzo, Sundays 10-12.

CandyPants Rant: I hear “pitchiness” and I can’t even sing.  Sis deserves a CD, BaldGuy!