Gray Daze

The last vestiges of brown will be eradicated today. Who will emerge? Paula Deen, God forbid. Emmylou Harris, God willing. Cosby says grey hair is God’s graffiti. I have no idea what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. All of a sudden I’m invoking God. Maybe because today grey hair seems insignificant, all’s well that ends well.

btw naked ladies really did wreck the economy- see SideBizness page- new report on huffpost

Toro Treks

We’ve entered the sign of the “bull”, Taurus-strong and determined. Happy 17th to Christopher, crackerjack 3rd baseman and great kid.

Hadley “grass” is at the farm stand! Saveur, Yankee magazines say it’s the best asparagus in the world from the fertile soil of the Pioneer Valley. Whether you like it or not, when the “grass” comes out it’s the happiest day of the year. Fresh veggies at the farm stand until October, yay! (Note on the gazpacho recipe-made it the other night and put croutons in water, wrung them out before adding to blender, great). You could put some asparagus tips on top for garnish.

Green Day’s American Idiot musical getting rave reviews. A Behanding in Spokane, drama at Schoenfeld Theater recommended by WSN.  Among films touted at Tribeca, “The Infidel”, “Freakonomics”, “Elvis & Madonna”.

Cred Trek

It looks as if we won’t be running into Chuckie Shumer and Mikey Bloomberg canoodling in a booth at Lure Fishbar any time soon.  They looked so cozy chummy as they chatted us up one night a coupla years ago, after a cocktail or two.  Now they are feuding over financial reform. Mike defending his former life and NY’s most valuable employer, Chuck walking the tightrope between appearing to work for Main Street while retaining campaign funds from Wall Street.

Mike is also miffed at Barack for not calling to let him know he was coming to town tomorrow.  Prez will be speaking again at Cooper Union in downtown NY to advocate for financial reform.  When BarryO spoke there early in his campaign, I was impressed by how much he understood the industry and even derivatives. Hopefully reform will spur banks to get back to basics and return to giving people money to make things again. I’m not betting on it. In any event, if you live a block away from Cooper Union or need to get uptown tomorrow, be forewarned!

Soap Treks

I’m in recovery.  So many story lines.  Mickelson made some crazy gutsy shots which could have turned out very differently.  A couple of yards and that shot from the pine needles would’ve gone in the drink.  Jim Nantz the schmaltzy annoying announcer would say he had family values and kharma on his side. Perhaps so.  He not only won the Masters, he conquered it.  Props to him. Meanwhile, radaronline was reporting that Tiger had rented a house next to his in Augusta, hoping Elin would come with the kids.  She didn’t.  As the stomach turns.  Tiger posted a 69, I know I know, but he played really well all in all.  Phil and Tiger had distractions; Phil’s not of his making, Tiger’s of course only he caused.  I’ll always want to watch Tiger play golf, I’ll leave it at that.

GemQueen played 45 holes at the hallowed Augusta National 2 years ago with her own personal caddie on one of the two weekends a year they allow women on the premises. Next year we’ll storm the place, wrestle the pompous Billy Payne to the ground, make Jim Nantz confess to his own marital indiscretions, redecorate Butler Cabin and get rid of the barf green sportcoats.  No?  Ok.

As Hillary lets a little gray show, is she courting a more wizened look for a future on the Supremes bench?

CandyPants Rant: Can’t the Young and the Restless afford an actress to play the evil Sheila or Patty?  They have to clone current characters?  Budget woes everywhere. Nevermind, only I care.


I like Jake Tapper, he runs a good show.  Don’t think Amanpour is right for the format. Frank Rich didn’t mention the highlight of his week, meeting a young economist/journalist, his column today a little tangential.  Investments are up, economy looking better.  Financial regulations to come will be meaningless, the market will find ways to eschew them and regulators don’t know what they are doing.

I will miss Ugly Betty.  It’s a lovely uplifting show.  Last one this week I think. Going to chop down some trees before tee off.  Landscape guys are awol.  I’ll go out on a limb and pick Hunter Mahan to win the Masters.  Tina Fey is the queen of SNL.

Oh and did you see Chris Cox’ fiancee?   Gristede’s heiress, 19 year old sophomore at NYU??!!  BBQ from hell.

Weekend Treks – Golf

Cool and sunny, good day for steaks on the grill and golf.  I think Tiger’ll tank today, just a hunch.  My prediction is that no one on the current first page of the leaderboard will win.  Okay I’m on the record. Still can’t believe the t.v. coverage doesn’t start until 3:30-LAME.  Pairings are uninspired, could have been spectacular drama.  But, I’ll watch and enjoy.

Ordered “13 Bankers”, have to read, let ya know.

Masters Treks

Legendary Leaderboard first round.  I don’t care if Tiger did three donkeys and a horse, he’s back!!!! 2 eagles, lowest first round ever at the Masters.  And let’s hear it for the old guys, Freddie Couples at 50 and Tom Watson at 60.  Plus, Mickelson, Westwood, Choi et al.  Azaleas are in bloom and I’m a happy woman. Let’s just play golf!

Tom Watson won the U.S. Open June 20, 1982- the day of our wedding at Pithy Vinegar’s home on 76th and Park.  There was a crowd huddled in the back bedroom watching the tournament as we escaped to the Carlyle Hotel’s honeymoon suite. So unbelievable that Watson was a finalist in the British Open last year and on the top of the leaderboard in today’s Masters. Keeps hope alive.

Hampshire College Grad student Molly Koch’s film “Safe As Houses” is a poetic vignette, slice of life gem.  It’s worth spending 17 minutes.  Click here to watch. Wes Talbot breaks your heart in the lead.

Bon Weekend, I’ll be watching golf.