Weekend Treks-Superbowl Omelette

Superbowl:  I’m saying Saints by 2.  House “fan” says Colts by 9.  Want to know your favorite or least favorite commercial. Update 9:58 P.M. 7 Feb:  Great Game.  Clash of the Paytons (Peytons).  Ballsy move by Saints’ Head Coach Payton, onside kick in the 3rd quarter.  How to take psychological control!  Brilliant.

CandyPantsSuperbowlRant:  The Who at halftime-geezer rock at its worst.  They should have sent in substitution singers.

Sunday Smoked Salmon Omelette for 2- RecipeDetours.com

CandyPants Rant:  After watching  American Idol, Kitchen Nightmares and major network news covering Sarah Palin addressing a “tea party crowd” of 1,000 people, I’m convinced people are overdosing on a new drug:  deluded

The Side Trek- Launch

Happy 2010. A mAd friend Michael said I should start a blog. This is it.

The Side Trek~ ‘Back Roads Thoughts’

First Post:

Northampton, Massachusetts isn’t New York or San Francisco, but this week~ Monday night, Jay Leno read the police log from our local newspaper.  He remarked to Kevin Eubanks, “I think we’ve got the white trash trifecta here”: –   A Florence Road resident reported at 7:30 a.m. that someone had broken into his home overnight while he was out drinking with his dog in his sister’s parking lot, and stole his snow blower

Pulitzer Prize winning author Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains, is holding a benefit concert for Haiti with local musicians in Shelburne Falls this weekend.  He lives in the nearby town of Williamsburg.

The horrible Mel Gibson’s horrible new movie “Edge of Darkness” has scenes of Northampton’s Main Street and Court House, and a magnificent view of the Pioneer Valley from Mount Sugarloaf  just 15 minutes up 91 in Deerfield.

Success Treks- MSKCC “Bridges”

Communties can now be created electronically to share both burdens and successes.   Blogs, newsletters, websites.

“Bridges” is the quarterly newsletter of Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Cancer Center in New York for cancer survivors and their families.  It’s a forum to tell personal stories, find an instant support group, learn about new treatments and hear from experts- a must read for anyone who has survived cancer or knows someone who has.  www.mskcc.org/bridges.  Eileen Gould created this wonderful publication in the summer of 2008.  She is a model of personal triumph over a lifetime of  challenges.

Duane Bailey-Castro was her inspiration for the name “Bridges“.  Duane did a series of photographs of bridges in NYC while recovering from his second stem cell transplant at MSKCC.  He wanted to be outside with a project, but not near other humans for fear of germs.  Eileen calls him one of the most amazing people she’s ever met.   www.journalofaprizefighter.blogspot.com

Carol Colitti Levine – Daily Treks

Deb does South Beach, check out designdevelopmentdirection.com in the coming weeks for hot news. “Washington Square News” has a new Chair of its editorial board, NYU junior Ben Levine-check it out. CandyPants Daily Rant:  Why is it that ambush makeovers always “color” the hair and cover the gray/white hair?
Let’s see some creativity in making the white hair hotter!  White hair is the new power color for women.

Carol Colitti Levine – Cafferty File

Jack read my post on the air on CNN November 18 2009. Question: Would You Vote for Obama again a year later?  I said something like, “Hillary is looking better and better.  Hillary-Barack 2012”. Today he asks whether Hillary should challenge Barack in 2012.  I’m thinking that they should swap jobs.  She’d be a stronger leader and he’d be great as Secretary of State.  You betcha!