Side Dish – NY SF

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New YorkSUteiShi on Peck’s Slip downtown, fried oyster roll and yellow tail with jalapenos rivaled Nobu. Owner Stacy makes this a special place, Jake is smitten with her. Landmarc, West Broadway, Tribeca, fun food, gathering spot. Riviera Cafe, been there since we lived on Greenwich Ave in 1980’s, great burger, outside people watching, 7th Ave South. Brooklyn Fare Kitchen just got 2 Michelin stars, Cesar Ramirez former chef Bouley.

San Francisco. From LaLyd. Benu, SOMA, chef from French Laundry. Frances, in Castro. Quince, not sure how it translates to new locale, was favorite of ours in Pacific Heights. Spruce love it, trendy spot in Presidio Heights.

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Weekend Treks – Imagine

John Lennon was my Beatle. We all had our own. Missy liked Paul, or was it George. Cindy Erb played Ringo. But, mine was always John. He was dark, moody, poetic, even in 1964 when I was 14. My father was freaked out when the family sat in front of the telly on that Sunday night watching Ed Sullivan’s Show. I screamed like no silly ‘tween has done since, even for a Jonas Bro. It was orgasmic in an innocent way. If that’s possible, but it was. Camelot had just been shattered by bullets; soon after that, MLK and RFK were gunned down, and finally John. We went through a hellish violence in our childhoods, decades of turbulent times. Love is all you need and no more war. Vietnam, not Iraq or Afghanistan. Have we learned anything. No. Gathering at Strawberry Fields in Central Park tomorrow, John’s would-be 70th birthday, hard to believe.

Candy Pants Rant

Pants-peeves on another rainy day, add yours or trash hers:
– emoticons
– arthritis pills that cause suicide and tuberculosis
– sales clerks who talk to other clerks while you wait, btw yo comprendo
– parents’ clever spelling of children’s names, ignoring phonetics
– politeratti who pretend what they said isn’t what they said
– pathological liars and pervs who get t.v. contracts
– leaf blowers before dawn
CandyPants and Cafferty are kindred curmudgeons.

Weekend Treks – Dunes Ayer

Happy, happy. September summer beach weather, relaxing sojourn on the dunes. Little necks, steamers, surf. Yum. Amagansett shores with no one else on the sand for far as the eye could see in either direction. Perfection. On this trip to the island noticed that every other house is for sale, there are no good restaurants left, even old haunts gone. Citarella, Clam Bar saved the day.

Stopped by H&D home, adorable in North Fork village on the bay with great yard for doggie B. Spirits of Poppy & Meme snooped around with us. Knew we had the right place when we saw Meridian over garage door. Sweet.

Four ferries later, back in Flo. News of moose up the road in Whately, Maria Muldaur coming to town. Aw yes great to be home. Maria Muldaur was my 35th birthday surprise at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley, or not.

DrH got lost under Stephen King’s dome, whipped thru 1,000 pages. Now that’s a page-turner. Still savoring Mantel’s “Wolf Hall”, brilliantly woven fabric of voices. Cromwell unplugged.

click on photo- DrH took from deck of our condo

Weekend Treks – Dunes Ahoy

Speaking of Jon Stewart’s “Restoring Sanity Rally”, refreshing to hear the sane voices of Bill, Hillary, Colin this Sunday morning. No Show Tea Bags can steep on Fox. Nick Kristof’s NYTimes column today makes more sane sense. “I’m a dinner jacket” wrangled with Amanpour, she couldn’t be translated out, but he’s still the king of obfuscation.

Liberace museum closed its doors in Vegas, all his fans dead, or finally realized he was gay. New acts flame beyond sequins and candleabra. No Vegas for us, sidetrekking off to the ferry to hit the dunes. Bringing “Wolf Hall”, liking it already. Will Jets win? Giants? MadMen? We’ll talk. A bientot.

Weekend Treks – BadMen

Great episode this week, MadMen tackled blatant workplace sexual harassment of the time. Women of a certain age remember it well. There were jerks. As with Joan and Peggy, you had to navigate it and women didn’t always protect each other. I’d have to say that 90% of men acted professionally, the creeps we remember. But then there were those proper young women who’d offer to give a “Mount Holyoke” now and then. I never knew any of course.

Bad calls, bad falls, bad behavior football weekend. Rained on men flushing the U.S.Open singles final.

Success Trek September

So many ways we make a difference, the past few weeks have taught me that. Men and women make a difference by going to work every day to care for the sick, teach, provide services for disadvantaged. One young man is looking to create new ways of doing business with a view to helping the world. Being a loyal child, sibling, parent, partner, friend- that makes a vital difference. Here’s to all of our successes this September.

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