Ben Day

Happy 21st Ben! As is typical of you, the day will be spent working for Senator Gillibrand, helping her constituents get tax refunds, war medals and researching funding and tax policy.  Soon you will be the sole undergrad student on the committee to choose the new Dean of NYU’s Liberal Arts College. President Sexton has good taste. A summer article appears in the Washington Square News where you will complete your term as Opinion Editor this Fall.

As you near graduation you’ve already accomplished more than most. To say that I am proud is obvious. Over the years we’ve learned a lot from each other. I gain insights and perspective from you all the time. I am happy that you still seek my advice as well as your Dad’s. We love that we remain resources even if you’ve eclipsed us in your knowledge of technology, economics and many other fields.

Can’t believe it has been 21 years since I walked across Lafayette Park in SanFran to get you born. Apologies for the indulgent post, but’s it’s my blog and I’ll kvell if I want to. Happy Birthday Benjamin Philip Joseph!


A cluster of important birthdays this week, Lindzer Torte 21, Colby CoCo 16, Grandma C still holding at 39, and BPJ 21 as well, more on that tomorrow. Linds is always 26 hours older and as she insists wiser, Stonehill’s tennis captain and a regional champion. Colby is an accomplished thespian and has developed a voice worthy of State-wide acclaim. Gma an artist with a following from Toronto to Tampa, her watercolors wonderful. Happy to all.

Nobu seems to be in, Billy Clinton, Wolfie, Katie et al at South Africa branch. Russian spy ring, are we in the right decade? Has anyone seen James Bond? Another CP rant, can we get a new adjective, pleez? Everything and everyone cannot be “amazing”.

Weekend Kicks

Jake and his Dad entertained cuzin Will over a couple of brewskis at South Street Seaport on Friday afternoon. U.S.-England World Cup match will be the focus of sports fans Saturday. GemQueen and A-Man are taking in a Yankees game at the new stadium, undaunted by the weather in luxury box seats. Celts and Lakers break the tie Sunday, sorry to say Celts have yet to take my fashion advice. Tiger’s got a new blonde, will she be in tow at Pebble Beach?

World Cup memories: 1966 I was at Blenheim Palace taking a tour when pandemonium broke out. Guards, guests, guides left their posts to whoop it up, yelling and screaming with joy. I asked my chaperone Hazel what was going on. She started doing a jig herself and said, “England won!” I think that was the last time.  In 1990, I was at a hotel in the Leidseplein in Amsterdam getting no sleep as the entire city seemed to be partying outside my window. Netherlands had beaten some country on its way to losing to West Germany eventually. Unless you are there, you cannot imagine how an entire country rallies around “football” outside of the U.S.

The Side Trek – Lobster Roll

Going to the Williamsburg lobster shack tomorrow for fresh lobster or clam roll, c’mon over Lindsey. Today meat loaf since it’ll be stormin’ soon, so leftover hamburger meat can’t be grilled, see Recipe Detours. Meanwhile, the kids are taking over pro golf. Dr. Husband does not like to play weekend golf so Hornet’s Nest out at the back table until it rains.

The Side Trek magazine article from 2008 talks about the lobster shack and more, read it here.

Side Cliks

Jane Lynch of “Glee” and “Best in Show” fame, got married Monday at our favorite local restaurant, The Blue Heron in Sunderland. The NYTimes had a feature article and it’s also in this week’s issue of People mag. We love to take the back roads through Hatfield and sit at the bar a deux to eat fried oysters in the most heavenly Alsacian sauce, Chile relleno, or any local fresh dish they are serving. It’s also been the choice to enjoy with family and friends over the years. The Blue Heron was originally in an old book mill, but a few years ago Deborah Snow and her partner converted the town hall in Sunderland into a gorgeous venue. Snow is a creative chef, the food is local and consistently great.

Nice to see Tiger, Phippy, Rory, Jack smiling and having fun during skins game at Muirfield. Hope it’s a great tourney for golf’s sake. Right, Jake? Federer loses in the quarterfinals at the French? Quel fromage. Apparently the guy who plays Blomqvist in the Swedish movie version of Girl With the Dragon Tatoo looks like Jimmy Kimmel?!