Year of the Rabbit. Livin’ it. Happy Chinese New Year! And Thailand, too. Got dug out too late to make pie. Who was first on line at 3am for new Verizon i-Phone? That’s online. Classes today, don’t forget.

Poor Anderson got clocked. Journalists being rounded up. Scary. How long before Glenn Beck confabulates that Mubarak and Barack are secret half-brothers plotting to take over the world? Jordanian King should shed his Eaglebrook, Deerfield roots and get with his peeps before it’s too late there. Gonna be a bumpy ride.


Groundhog Phil saw no shadow. So what? We won’t see ground until June anyway. Snow raked all morning, sleet. More snow. City plows out of dough. Nobody’s working, going to school. Sleet Day! Ugh. Egypt uprising getting ugly. Maybe it’s a good day to try Anne’s Spinach Pie. Can’t get to the store for phyllo until the plow guys show, will let you know how it comes out. RecipeDetours.


Purple Haze

Purple over the whole map. Purple is not good. 18″+ in the next 2 days.
Will bunker down with Diderot and Voltaire. Napoleon meets Candide.
Il faut cultiver nos jardins. If we can find them under the drifts.

Huntsman leaving China, running for Prez? Huh? I know Jon’s Dad and have met Jr. several times in Salt Lake and Park City. They hosted a send-off dinner for me at their monster ski home. I was one of original financiers of Huntsman Chemical Corporation. Don’t ask, lots of bad stuff. But, Jon Jr.? He makes Romney look like a Mormon heathen. Jon’s grandfather was an “Apostle” in the LDS. He was introduced to us bankers as ‘the chosen one’. Oy vey. How will he play in Peoria?

Dr.Husband off to save the children. If any show up. At least babies won’t be wrapped in terrible towels. Schools closed again, they’ll be going in August.


Jakey Vegas! Look out on the links in 20 years. Bubba bumped Phipps. Tiger who? Did anybody watch the ProBowl? Stupid. Why put players at risk for injury? Getting dizzy from snowflakes. Piling on already buckling eaves. Make it stop! Blizzard daze threatening again as Egypt dominates other news. If that’s not depressing enough, Jimmy McMillan has declared his love for Sarah Palin. A crushing disappointment. Palin is delivering the ‘keynote’ at Reagan event?! Does Nancy know? FebruWeary before it even gets here. Back to 18th century France for me, Bye.

Face Twits World

Golden Globe-winning movie, The Social Network, tells the story of an era-shaking ether earthquake. A new world platform was born of a father with flimsy ethics. On the upside, isolated suppressed citizens of third world countries are now able to confront inequities through far away ‘friends’ or ‘tweets’. Witness Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen. Faces of rich and poor are stark images on a screen inciting revolutions, even coups d’etat. In developed nations, it has created a new definition of ‘friend’. Cyber ‘friends’ are not loyal, trusting people with shared experiences, but photos on a wall or tweets on a page.

FaceTwitsWorld. Moral limbo with shattered boundaries, loyalties? Infinite network that brings everyone together? A good thing? A bad thing? We’ll see.

Blog Year

One year ago today I posted my first entry on TheSideTrek. It was all about TheCaffertyFile. Jack’s read my comments on the air many times since, yet I’m still surprised. A year later where are we? I told Jack the other night that political effectiveness is not gender specific, it’s person specific. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is an extremely effective political person. As seen firsthand by her interns, she cares deeply about military families. Now she will serve on the Armed Services Committee. That’s good.

Kardashians play as Cairo burns. WTF, right Sarah? I take it back RHBH are not disgusting women, they are silly seventh grade girls. Speaking of which, what’s a snart?! Stop giggling Nancy and Joey. Lots of raves for ‘King’s Speech’, including NYU critic. Partytime in Tooleyville this weekend. Can’t believe 25 years since Challenger blew up. Heard about it sitting on 33rd floor, CrockerBank Kearney Street, overlooking SanFranBay pre-merger with WellsFargo. Whoa.

A year of blogging. It’s kept me sane. Kinda.

Under Neige

New York City under siege of neige. Buried cars, closed schools, even NYU. 19″ in Central Park, no buses. I feel like I was there, photos from all quarters of the city zoomed in this morning. East Side West Side Down Town. Is that a black Lexus or BMW under there? 16″ in Hampden, Ma. Only 6″ here, cumulative effect still igloo-like. PithyVin & MadMan back in town. Nice timing. It’s only January. Weary.

So are women more effective politicians because they have to be better and work harder to get elected? Are women better than men in general? Click here to see what I and other CaffertyFile bloggers said on the air.