Oscar Goes To …

James Franco clearly uncomfortable in the monkey at the carnival role. For good reason. He’s way-too-good for this year’s poorly produced train wreck. He has zero chemistry with way-too-perky Anne Hathaway. Bring back Billy Crystal!

My fave film remains ‘Inception’. Visually stunning, cerebral. Also loved ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Oscar fashion- few classy dresses. Liked Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Mirren. Bottom line, lousy Oscar show.

My Oscar goes to…Alicat, best director of pre-Oscar feast… Martin Kaymer, tastiest snood-wearing wiener schnitzel…finally to Betsey, toughest trooper who against all odds will indeed turn 86 tomorrow, last day of Feb.

Hair Say

Whose hair you’d rather? Travolta, Aniston, Bieber, Ghadfi? Salander?
UK Telegraph agrees that Noomi Rapace was robbed. She should win the Oscar for her portrayal of Lisbeth, TatooGirl. My favorite actor performance besides the obvious Colin Firth was Justin Timberlake’s in The Social Network. Speaking of the Oscars, check it out. MazeHome will participate in the swag bags. Kelsey’s ex un-real housewife of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer will be covering the red carpet for CNN. Plastic pathological people of the world unite. Great.

Eateries – NY London

Over the past couple of years I’ve reviewed these restaurants for TripAdvisor. Click to see them.

Uptown- Dovetail, Petaluma; Downtown- Cafe Loup, Surya, Jane, Lure Fishbar, Gotham B&G, Harry’s Cafe, Morandi, The Smith, Nobu Next Door, SUteishi, Union Square Cafe. Graydon Carter to take over Elaine’s? Hmmm. Maybe ok. Still holding out hope for a Rao’s date with A-Man.

For J&N’s upcoming trip to London- Bibendum, Oscar at Charlotte Street Hotel, Roka, Moody Goose Priory, Midsomer Norton near Bath.

Brunch Book

Great Park Slope Brunch included delicious not too sweet ‘Upside Down French Toast’ from Birchwood Inn in Lenox, Mass. The secret is the challah and crispy tart apples- see RecipeDetours. Rosemary’s latest book recommendation:
Great House by Nicole Krauss. NYTimes review here.

Doily Daze

What happened to sweet cut-out heart pasted on a doily? Now it’s flannel pajama-grams, teddy bears. Who likes this stuff? Give me good old-fashioned respect, consideration, love on the other 364 days of the year. Genuine affection was on full display this weekend in NYC. Special lunch at Union Square Cafe, Meyer-Romano legacy endures. Exuberance, beauty, joy abounded at wonderful Wax wedding,Yale Club. Sunday brunch in posh Park Slope loft exquisite followed by Brooklyn Crown Heights ‘roots’ tour to celebrate Betsey’s 86.

Caddy Shack lives! Go Bill Murray, Pro-Am Pebble Beach winner. He’s no glow-ball guy but hey. Grammy performers under-talented over- produced. Thank you speech line of the night, ‘and I want to thank my pregnant girlfriend over there’. Lovely. Bring back the quaint doilies. And Mick Jagger, still better than anyone.

Mount Holyoke responsible for the Valentine Doily Craze!? See comments.

Hear Say

We hear that… a 5-course dinner menu that included mini potato pancakes with caviar, curried cauliflower, filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce, sea bass, individual white meringues with vanilla ice cream and raspberries, was prepared by the 86-year old hostess at her 65th wedding anniversary celebration (hubby 94)…Northampton (UK) granny scared off jewel thieves with her purse…everyone is raving about mazehome.com website…a veritable blogfest…it’s skyscraper man’s bday…and Elaine’s, what a difference 10 years makes.

…and another from GQ…a woman died at a Philadelphia Hampton Inn getting her butt stuck with silicon,what?! She WANTED a bigger butt?
Now I’ve heard everything.