Super Drek

How many committees can be ignored before something gets done? Put the latest ‘super’ group of twelve on the list. Iowa trumps D.C. WonderWoman Sarah is crashing everybody’s party again with her dysfunctional family bus tour. Crazy-eyes Bachmann will not be pleased. There may be blood. Jeb Bush is backing Jon Huntsman. Keep an eye on that Deseret fox. He’ll challenge Romney to a robotic fist-a-cuffs in magic underwear. Who’ll be left standing? TPaw? Perry? Newt?

Meanwhile Societe Generale (“SockJen” in bankerese) is tanking in France, another big Euro bank. Sarkozy left Cote d’Azur in August. That’s serious.

Foxy Loxy

On several dusky evenings recently we’d spotted a gray fox darting back and forth across the yard and under the front porch where a skunk family is in residence. Today’s Gazette reports that this same Foxy Loxy, apparently rabid, was killed by a croquet mallet in Williamsburg.

Foxy Loxy met his violent fate after wreaking havoc in the kitchen at A-1 Pizza. The staff chased him down the stairs where Foxy bashed through the screen door. Then Foxy decided to bite a poor unsuspecting customer in the parking lot. Poor teen was visiting his grandparents from Pennsylvania. Foxy’s last hurrah up the road was harassing little tots in their backyard pool. Dad. Croquet Mallet. Yuk.

Ocho Trek

Our Stevie Sancho has found his new hidalgo. Best day in a thirty-three year caddy career. And Adam Scott is hot. May watch the PGA again after all. Animal house meets Saturday night live. The JoeyPants and GaryShirts Show. Don’t ask. Brothers-in-law. I’ll be doing the shoulder Tango for a few weeks. Don’t ask.

Equity markets cratering. Fear not, there’s no where else in the world to put your money. Bond market fine. Things will stabilize. At what level is the question. Anderson Cooper is everywhere. Day and night. Kinda the Gordon Ramsay of journalism. At least somebody is working in August. While Rome burns.

Hey, Chad. Ocho Cinco is not Ochenta y cinco.

Econ Quake

Shifting faults. Germany can’t hold together tectonic States. Euro on the brink. Asia shaky. America reverberating from shock waves of government dysfunction. Confidence cratering. Liquidity tight long term. Banks, large corporations doing more with less. Big profits. Sitting on cash. Where to put it? What’s going to replace dinosaur industries? There’s nothing on the horizon to mend the cracks. The world is flat, a whole earth economy. It’ll be quite a while ’til the global aftershocks subside. Market value 10,500.

I sound like Art Bell. It’s the end of the world. Well, it might be until at least 2012. Then, either the Mayans are right, or there will be a new seismic bubble.

S&P Downgrade? Who is the least qualified to cast judgment? Rating Agencies. See Paul Krugman’s litany here. I agree. See SideBizness.

Trek Pourri

‘Franco’ is back. September. Yup. James Franco on GH the soap. Katie Couric better not get in the way of my favorite menacing serial killer. Found a 2009 Richard Russo novel, That Old Cape Magic. It’s not Empire Falls nor Bridge of Sighs, but I liked it. Thought provoking. Marriage in the sandwich years. BoSox’ Ellsbury on fire, NYY A-Rod in the hot seat. BaggerWoods’ return to the links. Have to watch Quijote even without his Panza. Addictions are hard to break.

Jon Huntsman’s campaign story is soap opera fodder. But, New York Magazine’s article on the Romney v. Huntsman saga is epic. You heard it here first! Hope Congressional caped crusaders are having a great vacation leaving USA in the lurch. PrezO turns 50 today, already grey. Not easy.

CandyPants asks: What’s with the doily doo dads on Mika’s dresses? Not pretty.


Yes, it’s Arrgust. Yes disgusted. Political dysfunction. Crappy debt-ceiling deal. More importantly, economic suicide. Revenues, growth, jobs not even on the radar. Country loses. Obama wimped out. Again. Disappointed and disillusioned. What’s the alternative? Austerity may bring some rewards. Tea Party wins the battle, but perception is everything. I believe they will lose the war in 2012. Wishful thinking? McConnell the big winner, brilliantly played.

Gabby Giffords’ return to the House to vote. Put everything in perspective.

Check Trek

I was watching Sen. Tom Coburn speak on the Senate floor yesterday during the debt ceiling debate. He was wielding a huge document and banging it on the desk. The title? “Back to Black”. Clueless that Amy Winehouse died days ago. Scary part is that I was watching and noticed. A deal will be cut with tranches and toothless triggers. The more things change…

Off to get lobster roll and hear a little Mahler at Tanglewood while Rome burns.