Kranky Kristmas 2 – TannenBomb

And so it begins. Saturday. Picked out, paid for a very big tree. Son Ben wants a big tree. Dr. Husband hates Kristmas Trees. Really hates big trees. More with every passing year. This year especially, since Ben taking exams at NYU. Not here to help. Bad.

Sunday. Dr. Husband gets home late after picking up tree and tying on top of car. Bad. Not happy. Long weekend of hospital rounding. Lots of  ‘Jesus’ and ‘Maria’ Christmas babies born a week early. Very tired. Very bad.

Puts big wide-trunk tree in stand. Watered. Good. Okay. Comes downstairs to finally relax in hot tub. Good. Oh no. Tree tilts. Goes down. Pokes Dr. Husband in the eye. Hurts. Bad. Big mess. Boehner-esque melt-down. “Tree is evil. Christians’ revenge. Wrecking our house. Water all over the floor. Needles everywhere.” Very very bad. Poor Dr. Husband.

Cleans up mess. Tosses tree and broken stand out the door. Sad.

Kranky Kristmas

Holly, jolly. Not so much this year. Everyone seems to be in a kranky mood. It’s not unusual for the holidays, stress abounds. Uncertain economy, lousy job market, transitioning college kids, major moves, aging parents, aging us. Makes this season scroogier than usual. Don’t even put on the news. Adults in short supply, Congress still scrapping in its sandbox.

Prospect of Jake’s first Christmas with cuzins brightens the spirit. Singing at OldBaldGuy’s piano with an egg nog will add more needed cheer. For all its faults, family is tradition and hope. So, we’ll light the dysfunctional candle, suck it up and in the end make the best of the next two weeks. It may even be fun! Hmmm. I’ll let you know.

The Side Trek – Best 2010

Book- Wolf Hall
Film- Girl With Dragon Tatoo; Actor- James Franco; Actress- Noomi Rapace
TV- MadMen, 30 Rock; Actor- Jon Hamm; Actress- Kiernan Shipka
TV Reality- Top Chef
Music- no idea, still like Stones
Journalist- Jon Stewart; Story- Los Mineros de Chile
Sports- Ryder Cup Monday Finish
Politics- Witches Take Over TeaParty
Business- Buffett, Gates; Economics- Krugman
Restaurant- Nobu Next Door
Blog- Cafferty File; Bloggers- Loyal Treksters


At sundown Festival of Lights began. The past few years college son Ben has not been home for 8 nights of kitchy trinkets carefully chosen by Dr.Husband. Every year we’d all recite the Hebrew ‘baruch atah…something, something…’ I can only say it when they do…as Ben lit the candles. Then we’d make him do ‘Come Light the Menorah’ song and dance before he could open a prize and get chocolate gelt from the stocking with stars of David on it. I miss it. Sent real gelt to him in the East Village this year, not the same.

Thanks for the blocks, Aunt CandyPants,
now what do I do with them? – Jake

As a ‘cashew’ Ben was always the envy of his cuzins. He got to do Hanukkah and Christmas with all the trimmings and presents. This year is Jake’s first Hanukkah and as a ‘cashew’ too he’ll be here for Christmas. The tradition continues. Happy Hanukkah Chanukah.

Side Trek – Blog Spotted

Pioneer Valley newspaper Daily Hampshire Gazette featured TheSideTrek in Phoebe Mitchell’s “Blog Spotter” report. Cool! Great article. Read it here, the link works now, thanks to Noah:

‘Florence Woman Makes Mark on CNN Blog, and Her Own’. Ms. Mitchell highlighted frequent on-air Cafferty File comments, Recipe Detours, 2010 best TrekBooks and eclectic ramblings including the Hopper exhibit at the Whitney. Nod to GemQueen. Mitchell cited snarky “Skippy Hallow” post, and liked that Alicat and I fought over the neck and gizzard on Thanksgiving.

James Franco hosting Oscars, Ben’s NYU Econ Honors thesis acclaim and now this, good times. Thanks for your 14,000 visits and comment away into 2011!

Stuffington Post 2010

Post stuffing-palooza. I still like Thanksgiving in Katonah and as advertised the cuzins remain smart, sweet, kind and funny as heck. They are all special people despite their crazy parents. Alicat and I fought over the neck and gizzard, and Jake was the star of his first Turkey Day. Family, food, fun. Liberty’s last stand. Hula hoop this week.

CG&B  had wonderful reunion with LaLyd, Doug&Sand, GemQueen, A-Man at Ed’s Chowder House/Empire Hotel near Lincoln Center. We all expressed our thoughts and sympathies for K9Queen on the loss of her beloved Emma.

HenryE will be the next LeBron or ARod, quite the athletic phenom at 2! Betsey relished her tongue from Zabar’s. We have a tough decision to make on April 29 next year, Jake’s 1st bday party or the wedding in London? It’s still the season for giving, so don’t forget TheFoodBank, click here and give.

Trek Sidz

Empire Falls, Bridge of Sighs, Russo-esque photo by the talented Dr.Husband.

GemQueen found Ephron’s new book  disappointing. KPants loved Let the Great World Spin, a TrekBooks pick, short stories stemming from walk between World Trade Towers. Madman recommends Elmore Leonard’s Djibouti, Somalia and pirates. PithyVinegar finds more substance in Franz’s Freedom than I did, so I’ll give it another try. She was compelled by the politics of conversation.

K9Queen found Panama City’s Casco Viejo reminiscent of Havana, colorful French Colonial architecture, wrought iron balconies, sophisticated cuisine. Panama’s rainforests lush with exotic monkeys, birds. Watching National Geographic’s Great Migrations makes you wonder if there is a god, or something.

Great wine choice for Thanksgiving: Kenwood Zinfandel, Jack London reserve. Dowd mailing it in lately. Oprah? Cleopatra? Krugman and Rich agree about the ‘rich’. Does anybody recognize anyone in Page Six anymore? Publicists on parade. When does celebrity trump loyalty? Happy 24th to WilliamHenry!