St. Madness

Saints preserve you who are celebrating wedding anniversaries. St. Patrick’s fete for Dr.Serta and Merrysmum. St. Joseph’s for GemQueen and A-Man. Can it be 17 years ago that we all gathered at the Fairmont in San Fran? Mazel tov. Bienvenido de Lisboa y Madrid, Ben.

What are final four picks this year? You can’t sit on the sidelines. Man up. Anybody can pick Kansas. Or St. John’s, Louisville, Vanderbilt. Oops. Loved Gabrielle Hamilton’s beautifully written memoir, Blood, Bones & Butter. She worked at Northampton’s Jake’s, Curtis & Schwartz Cafe back in the day.
TrekBooks Review.

Side Bridges

The Spring edition of MSKCC’s Bridges Newsletter for cancer survivors and their loved ones is available here. An inspirational friend of TheSideTrek describes how he’s thrived from an exercise and diet program that both changed perspective and improved his health. After reading these stories, I’m always blown away by how much people have gone through with such dignity, grace and quiet courage. Editor Eileen Gould provides an invaluable resource.

In keeping with healthier diet choices, I’ve been craving spaghetti. Trying not to eat pasta. So? Created Zucchinetti. See Recipe Detours.

Middle March

Nod to Mary Ann Evans aka George Eliot. Sad maelstrom in Japan. More reminiscent of thousands of ‘dollops’, The Mill on the Floss. Back to reality.

Birthday weekend to remember. There aren’t enough stars for Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI. Great hotel of yesteryear captures spirit and architecture of the original. Service as it used to be, only better. Some things in life worth the price.

Frank Rich, former editorial board chair of Harvard’s Crimson and friend of WSN former same, received Goldsmith Award at Joan Shorenstein Center for Press, Politics, Public Policy on March 7. Will miss his op-eds at NYTimes. Have to catch him now in NYMag. Thinking ahead to May NYU graduation. Bill Clinton just announced as Commencement speaker. Yankee Stadium, with honorees including Clive Davis and Danny Meyer. Cool. Graduation already?!


Everything sounds better in French. Mais oui, it’s official. Lobsters. Champagne. Cristal Saint-Louis, 1586. Merci mes chers amis. Ocean House, allons-y.

Book End

K9Queen and Anne recommend The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova, author as well of The Historian. Raucous raves for Nicole Krauss’ Great House. SanFran friend of friends, Carol Edgarian’s new novel gets stellar write-up and sounds like a TrekBooks pick- Three Stages of Amazement, see NYTimes review .

In my book, Table’sEdge, Gabrielle Hamilton stumbles from Hampshire College into Curtis & Schwartz Cafe in Northampton and perfects American classic fare under the tutelage of Linda Schwartz. Many years later, Linda happened into then-acclaimed Prune restaurant in the East Village, and was shocked to be recognized by its owner, her former protege. Click here to read NYTimes article about Hamilton and her new book, ‘Blood, Bones & Butter’.

‘Miami Housewives’ wannabes lounging by the pool at the ERoc. GrandmaC tooling around in her cart at the Villages. New Beamer man happy. Another Dr.Husband photo gem, where is it? See Travel Treks. The Side Trek taking a writer’s sojourn as warm rains melt the snirt. A bientot.

Hero Treks

Ben Wedeman, Nic Robertson CNN. Richard Engel, NBC. Fearless journalists in the eye of global hurricanes. Cairo, Tripoli, Baghdad, Kabul. Hats off to you and your crews. Glitzy network talking heads come and go. You are always there taking real risks to report events as they happen. Changing the course of history in many cases. Robert Gates. Finally someone hoists the elephant out of the living room. Why do we keep sending our brave soldiers into vast countries for decades with no reason nor exit strategy? Only 1% carry the burden. While the rest of us sit at home watching silly people behaving badly in TinselTowns.

Mad Marchness

De Nile is not a river in Egypt. Who is more delusional, Charlie or Moammar? Why have they endured for so long in their respective roles? TV Star, Dictator of Libya. What else do they have in common? Greed. CBS, cast members, women put up with Charlie’s bad, violent behavior because he brought them big bucks. U.S., other countries have put up with, suppressed Moammar’s craziness, oppression because his oil brings us what we need. Follow the money. Charlie gets more press than Moammar. Even sadder. But hey, it’s March!