Mad World

Crazy Masters Sunday. Rory’s wreckage gave way to divine intervention for Schwartzel’s chips, abetted by Tiger’s timidity on the greens. Aussies acquitted themselves admirably at Augusta. Youth displayed character and class. Best thing about Masters coverage, no creepy commercials with old couples in bath tubs.

Speaking of Masters’ sponsors, loved Ogilvy & Mather’s new IBM campaign. Can they resurrect the Gap brand as well? MadBen’s new MadMen team.

No Trump Bid

Little slam. Trump for Prez? I facetiously said he’d say ‘you’re fired’ to lobbyists and extraneous government staff. But, what is up with this absurd ‘birther’ bent?! Is it just a publicity play? Could be. My theory is that Trump and Oprah are in cahoots to get the wacky right to vote for Trump and split the Republicans so Obama slides in. Giving them too much credit?

Butler, it’s called BASKET ball. Will Tiger be a factor at all in the Masters? I say no. If Phil wins back-to-back, who’ll put the green jacket on him?

Four Site

4/4. Final Four games terrific. Picked the right two, whoo hoo. Still sticking with my Butler. All the way. Fore! Phippy shoots 63 Saturday, wins Sunday. Peaked too soon before Masters? Beautiful early Spring day for a walk on the Connecticut River. Letterman crafted an homage to James Franco the other night unlike anything I’ve ever seen him do.Leslie Stahl’s story about teens gospel singing award-worthy. 20,000 hits on thesidetrek. More of you lurkers everyday.


MadMen’s Season 5 is in doubt, but mAdBen is beginning Season 1. Ogilvy was smart enough to select him as one of their prestigious Associates. After a couple thousand applications, they interviewed 400, then invited 53 to participate in “Super Saturday”, a grueling day of presentations and interviews this past weekend. Today Ben got the happy news that he was chosen as one of 23 new Associates. Congrats! Now we can breathe, but no martinis until after noon.

Full circle from Ghirardelli Square to Ogilvy Chocolate Factory. Sweeeeeet. 

Woolf Trek

It’s a good day to reprise my 4/27/10 post- favorite obit headline ever: ‘Helen Lavalle, 94, Advised Elizabeth Taylor’. “Amongst her many jobs, Helen was a waitress at the former Williams House, where she was the only waitress who could tell Elizabeth Taylor that one lobster was enough.” -Gazette

Elizabeth Taylor was here at Smith College in the 60’s filming “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, with Richard Burton. Assume that’s when she may have tried to indulge in local lobster binge-ing and Helen would have none of it. The old Williams House in nearby Williamsburg, Massachusetts, was famous for its haute cuisine brought to the Valley by Jim Wolff, featured in Table’s Edge.

Cool Spring

Birthday souvenirs from Lisbon before its own quake and tsunami in 1755, presented by returning traveler at Dovetail on Columbus in NY. Great visit with Ben and then a healthy looking Betsey. Super Moon bright as vernal equinox greeted us in Pound Ridge. Savory sole dinner by versatile chef Alicat. Jake Jake Jaked his booty. Best B&B around.

TrekBooks features new favorites as well as some old ones with recent press. The River Gods, by Brian Kiteley came to us from Nancy in Boise a year ago. It’s about ghosts of the Connecticut River Valley and just got noticed by Gazette when Denver author visited Forbes Library in Northampton. Local ‘Good Fellas’ saga begins as ‘Big Al’ Bruno trial takes center stage. The inimitable defense attorney, Stacey Richman, will hold Fed court Downtown Manhattan.

Cool start to Spring. Crocuses sprouting, tho’ timid in forty degree temps all week. Warm porch soon? See TravelTreks for new Dr.H photos and locales.