JanuWeary 2

Sleeting, snowing as promised. PalinWeariness now in full force. Nancy from Boise, Idaho writes: ‘I want to rant that finally Sarah Palin no longer makes me angry – she is merely tiresome.  I am hoping everyone else feels that way, too and that she is about to blow away in the wind forever.’ Maybe we can’t shut Sarah up, but politically she’s toast. What’dya say, Joe?

Anne persisted in guessing where is it? The header photo was taken on River Road in North Hatfield, continuing toward Sunderland from Main Street in Hatfield Center. Today’s a ‘Golden Roasted Chicken’ Day. The trick is to rotate it in the oven. See RecipeDetours.   Reeege !!?

Astro Treks

New Zodiac? 13th sign? We’re not who we thought we were. Dr.Husband, Ben and I were all ‘water’ signs- Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. All of a sudden we’ve become ‘air’ signs-Libra, Gemini, Aquarius. Whew. Now what do we do? I don’t know my own family any more. That stubborn Taurus friend, moody Sagittarian sib, kooky Capricorn colleague? They’re now flexible, stable and sane. Shaking our world.

Actually, I’m happy about it. It’s a new beginning. We can start over with better traits. Or, it could be the start of the Mayan prophecy, the Age of Aquarius, December 2012. Wooooo. I heard a theory today that all the dead birds have been slamming into an invisible alien ship hovering over the southeastern U.S. I’d better start writing more profound things, now that I’m an Aquarius.


Vapidity of TV spills into the new year. Some of it is fun. Latest indulgence, Human Target. Compelling comic-book characters, make me laugh, as in cartoon. Especially, Guerrero, the torture specialist. Hawaii-Five-O and Psych, too. Fun is good. Biggest Loser, never got into it. Have they tried hula hooping? How about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? They all have the same face. Lips. Speaking of TV’s demise,  Will the internet replace TV as top news source?

Goldman Sachs’ Facebook deal. Another regulatory ‘end-around’ coup. See SideBizness. Any changes to NFL Playoff predictions? Joe’s NFL Picks: ‘AFC: Pats 27 Ravens 16  NFC: Eagles 31 Falcons 23  Super Bowl: Pats 34 Eagles 20.  MVP Tommy Boy. Bank on it!!’

No Dinner Diet

When son went off to college, family meals took on a different shape-mine. As a writer, sit too much and Dr.Husband comes home late. Eating dinner after 8 expands girth. Cooking for two, leftovers became a challenge. So, a new framework emerged for me and my butt.

‘No Dinner’ Diet: Big breakfast, walk/exercise before 9. Stand whenever possible while typing. Full dinner-sized lunch with low-fat dessert. Late afternoon ‘hula hoop’ while watching soap or silly show. Hula hooping takes inches off middle, achieves balance, helps relieve anxiety.

Early evening, make dinner. Tasting is inevitable. While waiting for supper to simmer, take a walk in good weather or shoot a comment to Cafferty in winter. Serve dinner to happy hubby. Then, eat leftovers for lunch the next day. It works! Oh yeah, have a little cocktail with Dr.H before serving his dinner, that’s what keeps it working. Less waste, waist, stress. It’s all good.

Crystal Ballz – 2011

Good riddance to ‘Year of the Skunk’. No, not the Chinese year. My year.
Half of it spent with skunky hair until it eclipsed to silvery white. Then, last winter, stinky smell under porch. Skunks had taken up residence along with a few ‘possums. When they didn’t get along, pee yew. Called pest guy. Bye skunks!

2011 Predictions: It’ll rain. It’ll snow. It’ll be hot. It’ll be cold. I’ll turn old-er.
New books may hit the stands. Grads, weds, babes. Last undergrad tuition paid. Hula hoop, ‘no dinner diet’ continue. Or, pajama jeans. Tiger, GMac win majors. Morning Joe tosses hat in the ring. Larsson’s 4th manuscript published. DonDraper gets another MountHolyoke. Frister birthday celebration somewhere fun. Ballz rise and drop. Times Square, Main Street, elsewhere. Happy New Year!

The Side Trek – Worst 2010

Book- Franzen’s Freedom
Film- EatPrayBarf or SexCity2; Actor- Nicolas Cage; Actress- Julia Roberts
TV- Glee; Actor- David Spade; Actress- Courteney Cox
TV Reality- Real Housewives Beverly Hills
Music- Touring rock geezers, lost voices
Sports- Pats 45, Jets 3; Giants punt to Eagles; still hope for Tiger
Journalist- Greta Van Susteren
Story- Wars extended to infinity and beyond
Business- Big Banks Win, SEC Loses; Economics- Asia Rises, US/EU Falls
Restaurant- Most lately; Fashion- Krinkly kleavage
CandyPants’Pick- Lazy grammar/spelling

Joe Responds: See comments

Kranky Kristmas 3 – OrnaMental

First things, first. Happy Something-Zero to Anne, dearest friend for 35 years!

When we last left you, Ben was cluelessly chatting with Pete Hamill in the Village, while Dr.Husband was being attacked by the evil tree that poked his eye out and ruined the house. Eye and house restored. Tree tossed in woods in broken stand. GodsonJame got holy water at St.Cecilia’s Mass with Grandma. Sprinkled on evil tree to exorcise demons. Dr.Husband shook head, no, still bad. WalMart. Plastic. No water. No needles. Dr.Husband happy, singing Hallelujah chorus. His wish came true after all these years. Sorry, Ben.