Dream Time DeTourz

No amount of downed trees or power lines kept aunts, uncles from the appointed appearance for “The Dreamtime”, a big Operatic hit. Colby Joseph Herchel wrote the story, music, lyrics for what he described a “Singspiel” because all dialogue is sung. Well worth the trek. Congrats to Colby on a brilliant production.

The devastation from tornadoes and last night’s micro-bursts well beyond the hype. Childhood neighborhood Brookside Circle in Wilbraham was decimated, photos shocking. It’s a miracle that no houses are gone and no one was hurt.

View Ponts

The Summer Edition of MSKCC’s “Bridges” Newsletter is available here. It’s a great one. A young teacher tells how she helped students struggling when parents or grandparents have cancer. Editor, Eileen Gould discusses the connotation of ‘cancer survivor’.

Can you spot a famous NYU graduate in this video from BBC about 2011 grads’ prospects? Hints: It’s a little after 1 minute; it’s not Bill Clinton.

The Children’s Book, by A.S. Byatt, was a compelling sojourn on sultry nights under the porch light- see TrekBooks.

Twister Treks

Auntie Em! Historic tornadoes in the Pioneer Valley. Lots of them. Grazed Dr.Husband’s office building in Springfield. It’s bad there. So far, Baystate Trauma Center okay. Hope for the best. Former home towns, Wilbraham and Monson so much damage. Thoughts are with all victims. Geez, awful.

Down in New York, Sarah and Donald doin’ the twist in a mid-town pizza parlor. I told you. She’s literally learning ‘trumping’ from the Master. Weiner twisting in the wind. Change your name or stop twittering. mAdBen shmoozing with glitteratti tonight on the Intrepid. Dodge those storms on deck!

May Beary

Home from a wonderful week in New York. Grad glow indulged. I’m a proud Mama Bear, what can I say?
Re-entry. Started A.S. Byatt’s, The Children’s Book. Cubistic Carroll-esque journey, but I digress.

So, I’m quietly reading on the porch, and look up to see Goldilocks’ family crossing the street! We don’t live in Manhattan, but geez. Where’s my banjo? Mama took her cubs to play in our back yard. It’s a Mama moment.
And Dr. Dad’s wonderful photos, of course.

Violet Glory

 On stage at the Javits Center stands Ben with 3 other honored undergrads behind faculty illuminati during NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences graduation. 1,800 classmates cheer him on from the floor as he is introduced recipient of the Borgman-Phi Beta Kappa prize for most outstanding undergrad honors thesis: ‘Functional Data Analysis of Economic Bubbles: Creating a Coherent Shape of Inflationary Phenomena’.

As Ben crosses the stage with his diploma in Economics (highest honors) and Journalism (magna cum laude), President John Sexton reaches for a heartfelt hug. Ben says, ‘Thank you, John’. John replies, ‘Thank you, Ben’. Kleenex please. 

Next day, Violets in Yankee Stadium? A sea of purple stands. Joe’s smilin’. No, not joltin’ Joe. He’s there too with E.A. and Ellis. Bill Clinton emerges from the dugout right in front of Ben & Co. Bill’s speech had that politically charged Clintonesque touch of pure inspiration. Best of all, no purple rain.

Week Endings

Finals finished. Papers polished. Thesis published. Whew. College went by in a blink. Poof. Free at last. Off to see Tonys nominated Jerusalem.

End of a golf career? Knee like hamburger? Tiger’s finale a ragged remnant. Operatic demise. Shock and awe over James’ AmerIdol departure. Thought he had a shot, but he’s on the summer tour. Senators Ensign, Coburn et al, creepalicious. Bye. Ron Paul’s in to split Repub vote. AMC’s The Killing new Twin Peaks? Those in the know secretly say so. Golf while sun’s out.

May Trix

May playing plenty of tricks on the mind. Matrix=something from within or from which something else originates, develops or takes form. May reflects that definition in many mirrors I see. Birth marks. Anniversary shells. Milestones. Academic closure. Decades turning. Careers gestating. Memories. Anticipation. Guess that Buddha book got to me. Ohmmmmm.

Jack Cafferty asked if Trump’s run for Prez is over. Check out what I said, on air. Remember when names were nouns? Moroccan?