Gray Daze

The last vestiges of brown will be eradicated today. Who will emerge? Paula Deen, God forbid. Emmylou Harris, God willing. Cosby says grey hair is God’s graffiti. I have no idea what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. All of a sudden I’m invoking God. Maybe because today grey hair seems insignificant, all’s well that ends well.

btw naked ladies really did wreck the economy- see SideBizness page- new report on huffpost

Weekend Treks – Golf

Cool and sunny, good day for steaks on the grill and golf.  I think Tiger’ll tank today, just a hunch.  My prediction is that no one on the current first page of the leaderboard will win.  Okay I’m on the record. Still can’t believe the t.v. coverage doesn’t start until 3:30-LAME.  Pairings are uninspired, could have been spectacular drama.  But, I’ll watch and enjoy.

Ordered “13 Bankers”, have to read, let ya know.