Gross Golf Match

Tiger v. Phippy. Las Vegas. Snorting, sniffing, heavy breathing caddy disgusting. Nobody told them to turn off his mike? That would have been the most smack the talk got. Neither Woods nor Mickelson had the personality ever or the talent anymore to make the post-Thanksgiving pay-per-view event slightly compelling. Bad golf. Loud snot. Boring coverage. All for $19.95. Unless you got it for free on the Bleacher Report website. Please let it be over soon!

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  1. Totally agree. I can’t get those 5 hours of my life back. I would have been texting you throughout had I known you guys got it. I didn’t think you would do it. Terrible golf. Totally staged. Ending would make Arnie roll over in his grave. Everything that is WRONG with sports today was on display. I’m sure we all stayed until the end but I must say I would never spend $20 this way ever again! Plus I think they had an agreement beforehand that they split the winnings and laugh all the way to the bank.

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