World Cup Conversion

Spent these past hot humid days having football fun. Despite the histrionics and bad acting. Still don’t get how the refs arbitrarily tack on extra minutes and then blow the whistle at some random point after that. How they let players saunter off the field hugging everyone while the clock ticks and substitute waits on the sidelines. Or jump into the stands in the middle of the game. But. Hey. When a goal is rarely kicked, it’s exciting. And. The shootouts are even better. Plus the guys are still cute. If soccer is the choice over General Hospital, it’s gotta be good.

Will Trump take Barron to the finals when he meets up with Putin next week?!

2 Replies to “World Cup Conversion”

  1. I have to say that I’ve been riveted with the World Cup this go round. Unfortunately or fortunately I’ve had the time to watch almost every game. Not much of a soccer fan but for some reason have been scheduling my days around it. Alison also said the guys are cute. Good for you ladies and I’m sure many men. I’m watching for the excitement when a goal is actually scored by countries who live for the moment. I can do this every 4 years. Go England!! I will be in the city on Wednesday to watch with Cliff (English friend) at some pub filled with most of us who don’t care about soccer until it’s cool…..I’ll admit it. England vs France final. England wins 1-1 (5-4 in shootout). So let it be written….


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