Skewed News

Journahillation. The entire press corps seemed stunned by Trump’s ascension and is now motivated by a guilty conscience. So-called reporters exhibit exasperation. Selectively edit print content. Slip into disdain and disgust while narrating a story line. Use language such as “galling” to describe a congressman’s words. The New York Times was so consumed with navel-gazing it missed the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in its own backyard. Bronx & Queens. The Supreme Court vacancy has thrown anchors into panicky flop-sweat alarmist rants.

It did start with so-called Fox News. True. There are divisions. Hypocrisy. Yes. But. Journalists are not supposed be Opinionators. Hard to find objectivity anywhere. It’s all Skewed News.

If it’s slanted toward limiting guns. Then it’s okay.