Wild Currents

Trump’s base voted for him as he was and always will be. A lying boorish bully. But. He’s theirs. As long as he gets things done that make their lives better. They don’t care. That is still up in the air. But. Either way. Trump the man is never going to change.

And. Congress lacks statesmanship. Flake. Corker. Collins. Murkowski. Rare integrity. Compromise and comity are in short supply.

Harassment in the workplace. #Metoo. Of course. Lots of times. Some slightly reciprocal. Others overtly not. Humor works. Eschewing meetings in hotel rooms. Keeping wingmen close. Common sense helps. Betrayed by women most.

Fox Sports 1 show. Crowd Goes Wild. Miss it. And them. Michael Kosta. Katie Nolan. Georgie Thompson. Trevor Pryce. And yes. Even Reeege. I was one of ten people who watched it.

When did Halloween become two months instead of one day?