Monday QB

Football. Rodgers out. Injury. Quel surprise. It’s like getting nuts. And. The worst call ever by a remote video team against the NY Jets. Took away a clear touchdown called correctly on the field. Patriot’s owner was hanging out with CBS chief Les Moonves in his box. Do I smell payoff?

Television roulette. Every Sunday. No shows the rest of the week. All packed into one night. Last week’s Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert in the French Alps was cry laugh out loud. Ray Donovan is so dark this season have to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm as an antidote. And. Has anyone seen Vice Principals? Happened into it. Not sure what it’s about, but it is beyond weird. DVR’d the rest for nights when nothing’s on.

2 Replies to “Monday QB”

  1. I respectfully disagree. The call on the field was incorrect. The ball came out twice and he clearly did not have control when he went out of bounds. The rule clearly states that a touchback should be enforced. The blunder was that the ref called it a TD on the field. The replay simply showed the ref blew the call. Whiney Jets fans crying and calling Patriots cheaters. Everyone in Foxboro can hear the boo hoo babies and are laughing all the way to the 5 championship bank!! Hahaha!!! Go Yankees!!! Lol.


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