Creepa & Joke

Morning Joe hosts. Mika “know your value” can’t read a quote without mangling it in an Ambien slurred haze. Still frothy from getting proposed to by Joe. Schmo who writes lame love songs at 50-something pretending to be a rocker at NBC-sycophantic gigs on the West Side. Together they courted Trump and propped him up until it didn’t suit their audience anymore. Then. They slay him now everyday. On Colbert Scarborough ditches the Republican party. Always for ratings. Hypocrites from hell. Tacky selfie-sicks buying mansions on Nantucket. YUK.

3 Replies to “Creepa & Joke”

  1. Welcome back!! You were missed. I thank the dear lord everyday that I’ve never seen one second of this show and actually have no idea who they are. I’ve seen them in the news lately and find them quite insignificant in every way. I agree that we can all barf on them along with the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and the entire Trump family. May the all go far, far away forever!!


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