Sleet. Slush. Mush. Mess. Soon to become a frozen hazard zone. Yup. Blizzard predictions of epic proportions in NYC a fizz. Overreach. It’s a trend. To stay sane. Netflix’ Schitt’s Creek with Eugene Levy and his real life kids keeps one laughing out loud. A must-binge.

Final Four Picks. Staying with 6’s. It’s a theme. St. Mary’s. Wisconsin. Michigan. SMU.

5 thoughts on “Mush-Ma-Geddon

  1. Hahaha!! Chris said your final four picks are so crazy that they might actually work. I have Kansas, Butler, Villanova, Gonzaga. Kansas beating Villanova in the final. We were not spared the storm up here. About 15 inches. No pants production in Brooklyn today. My bad!! We decided to close yesterday and who knew they’d all be WRONG!!! Anyhow, rapido pantalones will rule the day mañana!!!


  2. Jake: S Carolina, Purdue, UCLA & Bucknell (All on his own)
    Chris: UCLA, Villanova, Louisville & Arizona
    Alison: Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga & UCLA


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