Lackluster Spheres

Golden Globes?! A milky way of films. LaLa indeed. Television planets shine brighter. Like. Amazing. If you are black, gay or a depressed stranger thing in westworld by-the-sea of crowny thrones. Lithgow jettisoned. Meryl Streepy. Creepy. Reality will trump galactic fiction anyway. Next year launch anything with Fallon & Timberlake together. Or. Carell and Wiig. Star Wars.

NFL orbit’s elliptical too. Centrifugal forces braked by injuries. Giants out. McAdon’t. Superbowl. Pats v. Cowboys? Collision course.

2 thoughts on “Lackluster Spheres

  1. I thought the globes were a disaster. Starting with Jimmy Fallon! He’s been on a downhill slide for over a year and needs to reboot his whole shtick before it’s too late. Tired. I’ll take James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel any day over him.

    I’m going with Green Bay over Dallas and on to beat the Falcons in Atlanta. Pats over Houston in a laugher then beating the Steelers in a close one. Patriots 34 – 16 over Green Bay in SB. So let it be written…….


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